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Unigine::NodePivot Class

Header:#include <UnigineNodes.h>

This class adds a pivot node that can serve as a pivot point for its children and allows for easy control over their transformation. It has two matrices: one sets the basis of rotation (the pivot point transformation matrix), and another one describes local transformation for children nodes relative to the pivot point.

It has virtually zero influence on performance and shares all common options that other nodes have.

See Also

  • Article on the Pivot node

NodePivot Class


static NodePivotPtr create()

Creates a pivot node (with the pivot and local transformation matrices equal to mat4_identity).

Ptr<NodePivot> cast(const Ptr<Node> & node)

Casts a NodePivot out of the Node instance.


  • const Ptr<Node> & node - Pointer to Node.

Return value

Pointer to NodePivot.

void setLocalTransform(const Math::mat4 & transform)

Sets a matrix that controls local transformations of children nodes.


  • const Math::mat4 & transform - Local transformation matrix.

Math::mat4 getLocalTransform()

Returns the current matrix used to control local transformations of the child nodes.

Return value

Local transformation matrix.

void setPivotTransform(const Math::mat4 & transform)

Sets a matrix that controls the basis of rotation of the child nodes (the pivot point transformation matrix).


  • const Math::mat4 & transform - Pivot transformation matrix.

Math::mat4 getPivotTransform()

Returns the current transformation matrix used to control the basis of rotation of the child nodes (the pivot point transformation matrix).

Return value

Local transformation matrix.

int type()

Returns the type of the node.

Return value

NodePivot type identifier.
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