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This tab contains settings related to screen-space ambient occlusion (SSAO).

Ambient Occlusion Settings

The settings of the screen-space ambient occlusion can be adjusted if the Occlusion is enabled on the System menu -> Render panel.
Quality Quality (number of the used samples) of the screen-space ambient occlusion:
  • Low — 4 samples
  • Medium — 8 samples
  • High — 16 samples
  • Ultra — 32 samples
Resolution Resolution used for the screen-space ambient occlusion:
  • Half — half resolution
  • Full — full resolution
Radius Distance for each of the points in the world space, up to which they can shadow their neighboring points:
  • By low values, each point can shadow only the points in the close range.
  • By high values, each point shadows farther positioned points.
Intensity Brightness of shadows:
  • By the minimum value of 0, the ambient occlusion shadowing is the lightest.
  • By the maximum value of 1, the ambient occlusion shadowing is the darkest.
Intensity lighted side Intensity of the lighted side.
Noise Enables screen-space ambient occlusion noise
We recommend to use it with TAA enabled.
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