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Engine Library Migration

New classes in this section:

Updated Intersections

In UNIGINE 2.0, there are several classes that are used to manage intersections, namely:

Instances of these classes are deleted automatically when it is necessary.

A temporary instance of one of these classes should be constructed and passed into the getIntersection() method instead of a return array. For example:

  • In UNIGINE, the result of intersection is added to the return array:
    Source code (UnigineScript)
    int ret[0];
  • In UNIGINE 2.0, the result of intersection is added to the given instance of the PhysicsIntersection class
    Source code (UnigineScript)
    PhysicsIntersection intersection = new PhysicsIntersection();

If you passing NULL instead of an intersection query, the object will perform the fast intersection algorithm without searching the closest intersection point.

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Last update: 2017-07-03