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Using Editor Tools for Specific Tasks

UnigineEditor tools are available via the Menu Bar: to open a tool window, choose Tools and click the required tool.

The following tools are available:

  • Landscape tool is used to create a global terrain according to provided geodata.
    The Landscape tool is available only in the Sim version of UNIGINE SDK.
    The tool features the following:
    • Processing real world elevation and imagery data by using the GDAL.
    • Using GIS data for procedural generation of details and vegetation, roads, communications, buildings, landmarks, and so on.
    • Supporting multiple data layers aligned by geo-coordinates and used for terrain LODs creation.
  • Video Grabber tool is used for capturing high-quality screenshots and frame sequences.
    The Video Grabber tool is available only in the Professional and Sim versions of UNIGINE SDK.
  • Impostors Creator tool is used to create impostors that are rendered instead of real objects.
  • Randomizer tool is used for random placing of various objects (cars, houses, trees and so on) making the environment look more natural.
  • Tracker tool is used for creating sequences animated over time that allows for adding dynamic gameplay elements or making in-game cinematic scenes.
  • Performance Profiler tool is used to display performance data in a timeline. It allows for detecting bottlenecks of an application and checking assets and code optimization results.
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