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This section contains settings of the temporal anti-aliasing (TAA).

TAA Settings

TAA Settings
Fix Flicker Removes bright pixels by using the pixel brightness information from the previous frame. We recommend to enable this option for bright thin ropes, wires and lines. However, when enabled, may produce artifacts by removing small bright objects.
Can be controlled by render_taa_fix_flicker console command.
Color Clamping Clamps the pixel color in the current frame with its color in the previous frame. If the pixel color in the current frame differs from the pixel color of the previous frame a lot, these frames aren't combined and blended during TAA. The image becomes more sharp but it can produce additional flickering, thin objects may be blurred (e.g. grass, metal structures, wires, etc.).
Can be controlled by render_taa_color_clamping console command.
Preserve Details Controls the TAA detail level: the higher the value, the more detailed the image. At the value of 0, the image becomes blurred when moving the camera, however, the TAA effect is better. At high values, this option may produce additional flickering. Thus, to improve the anti-aliasing effect, you can decrease the value; to minimize blurring - increase it.
Frame Count Specifies the number of frames that are combined and blended during TAA calculation. The higher the value, the more frames are combined into the final image and the better anti-aliasing.

Velocity Clamping Parameters

Enabled Enables the velocity clamping. It performs reprojection of pixels of the previous frame taking into account the velocity buffer and mix the resukt with pixels of the current frame. It reduces blurring and ghosting in dynamic scenes with a lot of moving objects.
Can be controlled by render_taa_velocity_clamping console command.
Threshold Specifies the velocity threshold at which pixels are treated as fast moving.
Max Frame Count Sets the number of frames combined and blended for pixels that don't move relative to the screen space.
Min Frame Count Sets the number of frames combined and blended for fast moving pixels on the screen.
Last update: 2017-12-21