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Warning! This version of documentation is OUTDATED, as it describes an older SDK version! Please switch to the documentation for the latest SDK version.
Warning! This version of documentation describes an old SDK version which is no longer supported! Please upgrade to the latest SDK version.

Export Area

The functionality described in this article is not available in the Community SDK edition.
You should upgrade to Engineering / Sim SDK edition to use it.

Export Area is an arbitrary area that defines which part of the terrain is going to be generated. This area is visualized as blue bounds on the preview map.

Setting Export Area#

To set Export Area, select the corresponding item either in the Output panel. Then do either of the following:

  • Hold the ALT key and click the left mouse button on the preview map, a point will appear. At least three points are required to create Export Area.
  • Click the icon on the Parameters panel — the part of the map visible in the Preview will be enclosed into the bounds as Export Area.

If Export Area is not set, the terrain is generated based on all added data, i.e. the bounds of this terrain would be equal to the bounds of all added sources, and the origin is set to the center as relative to all added sources. You can modify the bounds of each source individually in the same way as Export Area.

Configuring Export Area#

You can rearrange the points forming Export Area: click and drag a point on the map or change its coordinates in the Parameters panel.

To add a point, hold the ALT key and click the left mouse button on the preview map.

You can relocate Export Area — right-click somewhere on the map and select Place Export Area Here in the context menu. Export Area will be moved there, and the clicked point will become the bound polygon center.

To delete a point, right-click on it and select Remove.


In the Parameters panel, the following is available:

Area Size Displays the size of the selected area in square kilometers.
Calculate Origin Automatically If enabled, the origin is calculated automatically based on the data provided. If Export Area is changed and the terrain is regenerated, the origin would be updated automatically.
Origin If Auto Calculate Origin is disabled, the origin latitude and longitude can be edited here, and they will not be recalculated automatically if the Export Area is changed and the terrain is regenerated.
Block Export Area to Changes If enabled, the selected Export Area cannot be modified. This option is useful, if you want to move around the map without occasionally shifting or modifying Export Area.
Enclose the area visible in the Preview panel within the Export Area bounds.
Remove all the points that make Export Area.
Point 0, Point 1, etc. Coordinates of the points that define Export Area.
Last update: 2022-03-10
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