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Setting Up Development Environment
High-Level Systems
UUSL (Unified UNIGINE Shader Language)
File Formats
Rebuilding the Engine and Tools
Double Precision Coordinates
Common Functionality
Controls-Related Classes
Engine-Related Classes
Filesystem Functionality
GUI-Related Classes
Math Functionality
Node-Related Classes
Networking Functionality
Pathfinding-Related Classes
Physics-Related Classes
Plugins-Related Classes
Rendering-Related Classes
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  • Getting Started

    First time with UNIGINE? Start learning about its capabilities, terminology, and project workflow here.

  • Principles of Operation

    Understand how the virtual world is structured, how each frame is rendered and how physics simulation is performed.

  • Tools

    UnigineEditor, SDK Browser, export plugins for 3D editors, various converters and utilities.

  • Programming

    General programming topics: the engine architecture, memory management, development for different platforms, tips & tricks.

  • API

    Reference documentation on all available APIs:

    • UnigineScript
    • C++
    • C#
  • Content Creation

    Artists, start here. Content pipeline, different types of assets, guidelines and tutorials on content creation.

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