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Unigine::DatasetSpatialReference Class

Header: #include <UnigineDataset.h>

The DatasetSpatialReference class represents an OpenGIS Spatial Reference System (SRS). The class uses GDAL API to retrieve data from strings in WKT (Well-known text) format.

DatasetSpatialReference Class


static DatasetSpatialReferencePtr create ( const char * wkt_string = 0 ) #

Constructor. Takes a string argument which should be a WKT representation of an SRS.


  • const char * wkt_string - Well known text definition to which the object should be initialized.

int importFromWkt ( const char * wkt_string ) #

Imports the SRS definition from WKT string, wipes the existing one and reassigns it based on the contents of the passed WKT string.


  • const char * wkt_string - WKT string.

Return value

0 if import succeeds; otherwise, 1.

int setWellKnownGeogCS ( const char * str ) #

Sets a GeogCS based on a well-known name.


  • const char * str - Name of a well-known geodetics coordinate system.

    The following well-known text values are supported:

    • WGS84 — same as EPSG:4326, but has no dependence on EPSG data files.
    • WGS72 — same as EPSG:4322, but has no dependence on EPSG data files.
    • NAD27 — same as EPSG:4267, but has no dependence on EPSG data files.
    • NAD83 — same as EPSG:4269, but has no dependence on EPSG data files.
    • EPSG:nn is a GCS code from the horizontal coordinate system table.

Return value

1 on success; otherwise, 0.

int isValid ( ) #

Returns a value indicating if the instance contains valid reference system.

Return value

1 if the instance contains valid SRS; otherwise, 0.
Last update: 2019-12-25