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engine.grabber Functions

The functions described below are available when the AppGrabber is enabled.

If the plugin is loaded together with the engine, the HAS_APP_GRABBER definition is set. This definition can be used, for example, to avoid errors if the plugin is not loaded: the code in which the plugin functions are executed can be wrapped around as follows:

Source code (UnigineScript)
	// engine.grabber functions

int engine.grabber.getGui()

Returns the value indicating whether the main GUI should be grabbed or not.

Return value

1 to grab the main GUI; otherwise, 0.

int engine.grabber.getHeight()

Returns the height of the grabbed snapshot.

Return value

Height of the snapshot.

Image engine.grabber.getImage()

Returns the snapshot of the current viewport, which is grabbed by the AppGrabber each frame.

Return value

Image which is the snapshot of the current viewport.

int engine.grabber.getWidth()

Returns the width of the grabbed snapshot.

Return value

Width of the snapshot.
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