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Found 25 results

  1. Добрый день. SDK Version : Unigine2 Engineering Загрузка FBX в рантайме. var nodeName = Import.DoImport(fileName, dataDir); NodeReference noderef = new NodeReference(nodeName); Загрузка NodeReference noderef = new NodeReference(nodeName); вызывает краш на некоторых fbx. При этом создаются файлы ноды, и можно отдельно загрузить меш файл. Пример FBX прилагаю Alu_Chair.zip
  2. I'm new to Unigine so might be missing something obvious here. I'm having trouble importing an animated camera from Max. I've baked the animation and exported the .fbx file which works fine when imported back into Max. The camera imports fine into Unigine but no animation. Any suggestions?
  3. Hello, I am trying to add and remove fbx imported models from my scene but it doesn't work. I have a vector of NodePtr called "models" containing the models I want toe handle in my scene. I am simply calling this code every AppWorldLogic::update() : int idx = update_ctr % models.size(); int prev_idx = (update_ctr - 1) % models.size(); models[prev_idx].getNode()->setEnabled(false); models[idx].getNode()->setEnabled(true); models[idx].setPosition(targetCenter); The goal of this code is to simply test if I can add one model and remove the previous one each frame. With this code there is 0 model that gets added in the image in the first X frames (X value varies). After that, it sometimes work in the render display but models are not rendered in the screenshots I save using viewport->addCallback(Render::CALLBACK_END, MakeCallback(this, &AppWorldLogic::image_ready_callback)); // In the AppWorldLogic::Init viewport->renderTexture2D(camera, texture); // In AppWorldLogic::update void AppWorldLogic::image_ready_callback(Renderer *renderer) { ImagePtr screenshot_image = Image::create(); texture->getImage(screenshot_image); if (!Render::isFlipped()) screenshot_image->flipY(); screenshot_image->convertToFormat(Image::FORMAT_RGB8); if(saveImage) { std::string path = imageDir + "_" + std::to_string(ctr) + ".png"; screenshot_image->save(path.c_str()); } } The render seems extremely inconsistent : In this saved screenshot an Helicopter should appear on the heliport (it is displayed on UNIGINE Engine window). Also, in the first rendered frames after launch the image is not fully rendered (no sun light) and heliport is blurred (heliport is a decal). Do you have any suggestion to improve my results and consistency of the saved screenshots ? Let me know if it is not clear.
  4. Import animated camera

    Hello, I just started learning Unigine and have a question about importing an animated camera. I have tracked some drone footage in Blender and want to use the camera data in Unigine. Is there any way to import the camera transformation into tracker (using fbx or other method)?
  5. Здравствуйте! Сделал в Blender набор анимаций персонажа, часть из которых - взаимодействие с объектом. При попытке воспроизвести их в Unigine объект начинает искажаться. На изображениях показаны: найстройки экспорта из Blender в fbx; иерархия после импорта в движок; иерархия перед воспроизведением анимаций. На видео показаны анимации в Blender и Unigine. Подскажите, пожалуйста, как я могу исправить ситуацию. Blender_working_anim.mp4 Unigine_broken_weapon_object.mp4
  6. Runtime fbx import

    Hello! First of all, thank you very much for providing a free Community Edition for this amazing game engine! Can you confirm if importing fbx files during runtime with the default FbxImporter plugin is possible with the Entertainment SDK edition? I was trying to follow this article, and it doesn't mention that this should only work with the paid licenses. My code got compiled successfully, but this function call always returned with a nullptr even though the fbx filepath was correct: Importer *importer = Import::get()->createImporterByFileName("../data/Test/test.fbx") Regards, Attila
  7. [SOLVED] Import FBX problem

    I have a problem with import fbx model to Unigine, with Blender and Unity it's okay. I also for test used another one model just to check if there is an issue too but second one looks okay. So questions: 1. What I needs to check to fix reverted hull? 2. How to disable back face culling if it's possible.

    Hello UNIGINE_API Importer Can I check if there is no texture file when importing FBX file? If so, I wonder if there is a way for the user to specify that Texture path. Thank you.
  9. Hi, We would like to work with FBX files exported from Maya, and transmit some "metadata" (custom information) into a node to Unigine. Here is a brief description of our pipeline : 1) Into Maya: we add some metadata into a node in a scene. 2) Into Maya: we export the scene to FBX (The export keeps the metadata). 3) Into Unigine: we import the FBX file with the FBX import plugin. 4) Into Unigine: we have the hierarchy and the nodes, but we have lost the metadata. Is there a way to transmit metadata from Maya to Unigine within a FBX File ?

    Hi! I am trying to import a FBX file, I want to create LODs using Combine by Postfixes as is described in documentation. Here is a screenshot showing the settings to import FBX file. Here is the mesh as result of the importation. Has you can see, no LOD setting is set as specified. You can also see surface names are properly defined. So no LOD is generated... Is this an error from my side in the way I use the tool? Or there is any other problem? Thanks. lod_test.fbx
  11. Generated .anim files for imported FBX

    Hi, I observed that .anim files are generated in .runtime directory. So how can I use it at the moment e.g. by addAnimation function of ObjectMeshSkinned ? Cheers
  12. Hello, ive been trying to import a test mesh from blender with a simple animation. the model part is no problem, but when it comes to animation i can even get the animation panel to show up using collada, but nothing moves. After reading some posts here it seems its not supported, but those threads are old, so i wanted to verify this.
  13. Hey there, I am somewhat new to Unigine and I am trying to get a animated character into the editor. As far as I know it should be possible to import an FBX of an animated character and it should work. However when I try to import it, it gives the the error: AutodeskImport::load(): can't initialize ''File path'' file Unexpected file type. I am unsure how to fix this. Also if there are any further tips of getting a animated character into the engine, it is appreciated. Kind regards Frans
  14. FBX animation issue

    Hello, I have a FBX with a single bone and a single animation. The bone is used to deform only a side of the mesh. When looking at the fbx animation with Autodesk FBX review (V1.4.1.0), it's fine. When the fbx is imported within Unigine, the bone animation rotates the mesh as a whole, not just a part of it (ie there is no deformation): I attached the fbx. Thanks for your help armature.fbx
  15. unknown token "AutodeskImport"

    Hi, I wanna use the AutodeskImport Class to import some FBX models in my Unigine scripts( Unigine 2.0 stable version ). However, the interpreter do not recognize "AutodeskImport", and there is no Autodesk dynamic link library in the sdk's lib folder either. So How can I use the AutodeskImport Class in my Unigine Scripts? Could you give us some instructions? Best Wishes Thanks.
  16. Hello Object names exported from 3dMax created with special separator symbol '|'. All symbols preserved in Editor1, but in Editor2 fbx import removes all separators - that is bad/ 1. how to import fbx with node names as is ? 2. how to import fbx from c# code ? thanks
  17. Hi, I observed that Editor2 crashes from time to time when I modify fbx file stored in asset directory. Step to reproduce: 1. Save fbx file somewhere in asset directory. It should be automatically loaded into Editor2 (you will see it in logs - if no, then you should activate windows with Editor2 by clicking somewhere in it or you can just import it). 2. Make changes to fbx file by external application (I do some changes with skeleton, bones and skin) and save this file (it should be the same file as in point 1). 3. Give focus for Editor 2 by clicking somewhere in it. It will reload automatically changed fbx file. At this moment from time to time Editor2 crashes. If will not crash for you then you should after point 3 repeat again from point 2 then 3 ... 2,3,2,3, ... Usually it is enough to do it once, twice or just a few times to crash Editor 2. Thank you
  18. I observed that FBX reimport not working properly in Editor 2. At least bones and joints are not loaded from refreshed fbx files.
  19. Hello Here example file that successfully loaded here http://fbx.clockstone.com/fbx-viewer-download.html (for example) as a test, but in Unigine SDK editor I'm having trouble with "Import" "FBX file" when selected "Merge static mesh" option : some parts are missing and after "saving world" and "reload world" some more part are missing in SDK editor "Nodes" window still some hierarchy present!1 it seems, merge not happens for all parts of model help please fbx_import_merge_bug.zip
  20. Can we add animation form FBX now?
  21. Hi, In Maya, we exported a FBX file with this tree hierarchy, a root with 4 Locators with 4 childrens cube meshes (see Maya.png). The locators have a translation and the 4 cubes childrens have no translation (see Maya.png). But when we import this FBX into Unigine, we can see that the "NodeDummies" have positions to (0, 0, 0) (see Unigine-JOINTWHEEL1.png) and the children meshes have translated positions, for exmaple (-0.832, 1.597, -0.148) for pCube1 (see pCube1.png). I was expecting that the translation data will be stored on the Nodedummy instead of the ObjectMeshStatic node. Have I missing something ? Thanks, Philippe test.fbx.zip
  22. Hi, We are facing a problem when selecting a particular imported FBX model : a memory access violation only on Windows (not tested under Linux), when calling the engine.world.getIntersection method on the loaded object. The problem is also reproducible on the Unigine FBX Importer when we are selecting the model. Alban
  23. Camera animation from FBX

    In a 3D match-moving tool, I can create and animate a camera (the tool analyses the footage to derive the 3D position/rotation of the "real world" camera). Then export the animated camera in an FBX file. But I cannot see how to save the animation of the camera for later re-play. Am I missing something simple? I can see the camera animating correctly by sliding the FBX importer "Time" control but there are no files saved by the importer.
  24. If an object name in an FBX file is something like Base:Stuff:ObjectName then the importer tool will fail the entire file. The issue is that the importer will try to create a directory called "Base:Stuff" and put "ObjectName" in to it. Since Windows paths cannot contain colons this fails. You need to sanitize your inputs before using them to make directories.
  25. [SOLVED] FBX from lightwave

    Hello, I'm new and having problem with your FBX plugin. I tried exporting FBX from old and new version of Lightwave and I couldn't get it to load in your Unigine. (See fbx files below...) *removed* To be precise, I could load it with the "load" button, but I can't do anything else with it. Can anyone help me with this? ps. I can't get to your FBX page either, it said file not found.
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