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Found 22 results

  1. Why benchmarking Editor The less time you’re spending looking at progress bars the better experience you have, the faster you’ll move on with your tasks. Thanks to our customers we have collected a number of high load usage scenarios that helped us to improve overall performance of import, assets, and scene management subsystems. To understand how current Unigine Editor version performs we ran a number of tests inspired by real cases and compared results with some popular game engines. Test cases and methods We tested assets import, bulk nodes operations and asset systems. Deta
  2. Hi, I thing that it could be very useful to have option in Editor2 to just reset physic state (with transformations of affected objects) to state from file. It could be very similar to world_reload but it could be a little bit more performance improvement to world_reload because it could do just 2 thinks which I described earlier. Kind regards, Jan
  3. Edit terrain in Editor2

    Hi, I am wondering how can I edit (paint textures, masks/layers and heights) Terrain via Editor2 (just Terrain object, not TerrainGlobal object). In Editor1 it was an Edit button for edit terrain, but in Editor 2 is missing. Another question is if I can use TerrainGlobal object in Unigine Starter ? Or it needs Landscape Tool which as I assume is delivered in higher version of Unigine (Unigine Sim) ? Is there any other way to import heightmap/maybe just map into TextureGlobal (or I can do it only via Landscape Tool) - to generate terrain ? Thanks, Jan
  4. Main loop in Editor2

    Hi, I am implementing custom modules into engine as addition into code of main class: main() { ... Unigine::Engine* pEngine = Unigine::Engine::init(UNIGINE_VERSION, argc, argv); while (!pEngine->isDone()) { pEngine->update(); pEngine->render(); pEngine->swap(); } ... } which works well in game mode, but it holds at pEngine->Update() method in Editor2 (runned as argument -video_app auto -video_vsync 0 -video_refresh 0 -video_mode 1 -video_resizable 1 -video_fullscreen 0 -video_debug 0 -video_gamma 1.000000 -sound_app auto -data_path "../" -engin
  5. Generate terrain in Editor2

    Hi, Where I should create terrain data for generated terrain object via Editor2: in "assets" folder or just in "data" folder ? As I see all generated references points into data folder but when I create it in data folder then I don't have access to created terrain data via asset browser. Thanks, Jan
  6. Hi, In last Unigine version (, when the editor2 is opened this message is shown repeatedly in console: TreeModel::remove_item(). Item with the provided GUID not found in the model! This is not a critical issue, but it's always good to reduce noise in console to detect other problems. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I thing that it could be not auto reloading script files from assets (I thing that they are also copied into data folder). This is not required because WorldExpression have option to reload script file, and this place could do it (you have to press button manulally) In the case of global script you have to reload world to see changes so this files could be reloaded in the time of reload_world command. Kind regards, Jan
  8. Hi, In big projects validating assets at Editor2 startup takes a time. I think that it would be helpful to have option to run Editor2 (project) without validating to speed up starting time. Such option could be available in SDK browser as option of "Customize UnigineEditor Options". Kind regards, Jan
  9. Hi, I observed that Editor2 (SDK 2.6.1) crashes at the moment of applying edit of NodeReference by Apply button in editor in the case of using nodes from such NodeReference somewhere in UnigineScript in update function e.g.: void update() { ... nodeFromReference.getWorldPosition(); ... } Here nodeFromReference is not nulled at this time so I can't prevent it. As I see is a Editor issue.
  10. Hi, I observed that in some cases changing a param for properties inherited from node_base crash Editor2. This happens if you have multi-level inherited properties like this: To crash editor I do following: 1. Edit global param value in Properties panel (not instance at Node level), 2. Save world, 3. Reload world by world_reload cause freeze of Editor2 (crash it). But it will works if you first reload world: 1. Reload world by world_reload, 2. Edit global param value in Properties panel (not instance at Node level), 3. Save w
  11. Remove physics shape crashes Editor2

    Hi, In my case I cannot delete Physic shape from Rigid body. It's crashes Editor2 e.g.: I cannot replicate this problem at new scene. But it stays for me even without any implemented code or script. It's happens even for a new world. So it may be related with my updating project for new version of SDK.
  12. Hi, As I see Editor2 is a very good base to create projects. But there are some issues and problems with UnigineScripting which crashes/freezes Editor2. This make a difficult to prototype/work with Editor2. I think that you should focus to fix some issues, make a lot of tests of UnigineScripting integration with Editor2 and improve it to prevent crashing/freezing Editor2.
  13. Hi, I observed that Editor2 crashes when I get runtime error e.g. make some operation at not existing object. I know that I should protect it in the code. But it is possible to just display error in console of Editor 2 instead crash entire Editor 2 ? Thank You
  14. Hi, I observed that custom properties (inherited from node_base or surface_base) are unloaded from Editor2 (they disappear from property hierarchy panel) in the case of error in script file (when you reload world with error in script). To load it again it is necessary to restart Editor2. Please fix it ASAP.
  15. Hi, I observed that properties (node properties with attribute version) not working with Editor2 for property file, eg.: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <properties version="0.01"> <property name="xyz" parent="node_base"/> </properties> This property will be not visible in Properties panel in Editor2.
  16. I observed that selecting PlayerPersecutor node in Editor2 which have provided Target Node slow down performance below 4 FPS in Editor2 during transforming this node (moving). This happens only when you have opened Player Pesrsucator properties in Parameters panel.
  17. Hi, Test scene looks like (all nodes): I observed that when I make error in UnigineScript file eg. like that: int init() { Node node = notDeclaredFunction(name); } test.cpp (guid://dd963586682183e918186d544de6871dc2fc17e8):13: Interpreter::parse_expression(): unknown token "notDeclaredFunction" in "notDeclaredFunction( name)" expression World::loadWorld(): can't load "test.cpp (guid://dd963586682183e918186d544de6871dc2fc17e8)" world script which stops loading a world so my scene become black: it's clone my player (PlayerPersecutor nodes) in Scene (1) each time
  18. Hi, I observed that debug mode for Edit Content in SDK browser not working: always starts project via main_x64.exe file (not main_x64d.exe). But it loads Editor2_x64d.dll debug version of plugin.
  19. Hi, I observed strange thing with Unigine scripts in Editor2. You added asset folder (to data folder, existing one). So from this moment we have 2 duplicated Unigine script files which are exactly the same, but works differently: To see changes via hot reload by world_reload command it is necessary to edit script file from data directory. That's fine. The only problem is that when I load or reload world in Editor2 then the script file from data directory is replaced by script file from asset directory. It is error prone and very uncomfortable. By mistake it is really easy to lose all chan
  20. Hi, I observed that Editor2 crashes from time to time when I modify fbx file stored in asset directory. Step to reproduce: 1. Save fbx file somewhere in asset directory. It should be automatically loaded into Editor2 (you will see it in logs - if no, then you should activate windows with Editor2 by clicking somewhere in it or you can just import it). 2. Make changes to fbx file by external application (I do some changes with skeleton, bones and skin) and save this file (it should be the same file as in point 1). 3. Give focus for Editor 2 by clicking somewhere in it. I
  21. Hi, I observed that Editor 2 crashes after deleting reference to mesh (not existing, deleted mesh file - as a workaround to reimport it) from NodeReference (opened to edit): (fortunately change it is working correctly, Editor crashes only when I try to delete a reference).
  22. Editor 2 Plugins support

    Hi, Is the plugin system supported in Editor 2? Some of these plugins are very useful for us, and looks like they can only be used in old Editor. Regards.