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  1. Hello, When I add gravity to the particles And after reloading the project the gravity doesn't appear to affect the particles and shown in the image below... After reloading the project
  2. Instanced Animation

    Is it possible to do animation with instancing with Unigine? Saying "animation with instancing" I mean something like this https://developer.nvidia.com/gpugems/gpugems3/part-i-geometry/chapter-2-animated-crowd-rendering
  3. Hello, im trying to switch between animations when pressing a key but it is not working: the only key that works is D because the 'idle' animation is set on layer 0, but the others are not working also the animation does not restart, it looks like it picks it up from a specific point as if the animation is still playing in the background. i saw the examples of 'AnimationAdditive' and 'SimpleAnimationPlayer' but i want to change from 1 animation to the other, not combine them. can somebody help me with this?
  4. Animation Loop problem

    Hello Everybody, I recently tried to import my animated tank tracks from blender. The animation works by moving the threads to the position of the following one. After that, they should jump back to their starting position again. The problem is however, that the threads do not "teleport" from end to start position (like they do in blender, where i created the animation), but rather move rapidly to the beginning again. Especially on low speeds, you can see it clearly. I could not find any post relating to this specific post. Does anyone know how to deal with this? tank_track.mp4 Thank you for your time.
  5. Hello, I was trying to import an animated model from blender. With default import Settings it worked just fine, but when i check "Combine by Postfixes" my multiple LODs combine into one ObjectMeshStatic. Is there any way to prevent this from happening? Here you can see the my file in blender: Unigine Blender 2.90.1
  6. glTF Import

    Hi All, According to to the pricing site, glTF is a supported format in Unigine. However I stumbled upon some issues while toying around with it. - When importing PBR models, the shading texture is not set (Albedo, Normal and Emission work most of the time). The texture is imported correctly and can be set manually without a problem, however I think this should happen automatically as it does for the other textures. - Animations are not imported (all imported meshes are static) I used the official samples provided by Khronos: https://github.com/KhronosGroup/glTF-Sample-Models What did I do? - create subdir in data folder - click "Import" in Asset Browser - select *.gltf and *.bin file of sample asset and click "open" - drag and drop imported *.gltf into scene Here are my import settings (I played around a bit with them but could not solve the problems): Recreate the issues: - create new Unigine Project - import samples from glTF-Sample-Models repo (I used glTF-Sample-Models/2.0/BrainStem for animations and glTF-Sample-Models/2.0/BoomBox for the shading texture) Am I doing something wrong or is this a problem with the Unigine glTF importer? I can't find Documentation on glTF, maybe something like the FBX Import Guide would be useful? Thanks in advance! Greetings
  7. Import animated camera

    Hello, I just started learning Unigine and have a question about importing an animated camera. I have tracked some drone footage in Blender and want to use the camera data in Unigine. Is there any way to import the camera transformation into tracker (using fbx or other method)?
  8. Does unigine support IK animation?

    It's not a good idea to force everyone makes his new wheel from scratch.
  9. I'm having a problem when exporting an animation from blender and import it to Unigine. The animation by itself works fine, but if i import it to blender (to make my changes to it) and then export it to fbx again, the mesh gets messed up, even when i don't change anything in the animation, and just import the fbx to blender and export it again, the same thing happens, like this: The mesh is moving, but it's completely broken. Just to show that the animation works, here it its when i import the FBX file without going throught blender: The animation also works fine inside blender when i import it: The export settings i'm using in blender (following the instructions from the official youtube channel for blender exports): Things i tried in the settings from blender: Uncheck "Add leaf bones" Set "Simplify" to 0 Aplying Location and Rotation Rename "Armature" to "Root" When impoting to blender, checking "Ignore leaf bones" and "Automatic bone orientation" What am i doing wrong during this process of importing and exporting from blender? Blender 2.80.75 Unigine Attachments: ybot.fbx (the mesh) Start Walking.fbx (the animation i'm having the problem when importing it to blender) Start Walking.fbx ybot.fbx
  10. I have a walking animation that when its being displayed in the character, the character is actually moving in the world, but i want it to stay in place, is there a way to set that in the Engine, without having to edit the animation itself?
  11. Hi! I'm trying to do something very simple for learning purposes about clothes, following this link: https://developer.unigine.com/en/docs/2.2/principles/physics/bodies/cloth/ . Well, in this part I'm getting stuck: It's because I don't know how to make these surfaces appear inside a mesh, copy, create or whatever. I'm getting a similar result only by selecting 2 meshes and exporting to Unigine Mesh. The Result is a static mesh with 2 surfaces inside, resulting in a loss of animation of 2 meshes and this is not correct. Sorry about my english, and thank you in advance!
  12. Hello. I find bug in Unigine's rendering. We are making a VR programm and we turned off all shadows for best FPS. If player watch mesh with built-in animation, animation work, otherwise it don't work. If we turn on shadows on ligth source, animation will work always. Animation of this mesh is very important for some parts of programm (sounds). Can I render this animition without using shadows? We use Unigine 2.7.2. Desktop 2019.12.17 -
  13. As we have made one flag animation in maya with the use of joint and vertex backed animation.When we import this animation in Unigine SDK version 2.5 the mesh object of flag is not coming properly. we follow below method of animation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcXNVZexVzc kindly check attached Maya 2016 file(.ma) and FBX file with this mail kindly check and let us know the solution, Regards Himanshu Thakor & Dhruv Kadivar Monarch SoftTech LLP MUMBAI INDIA Flag_Maya.zip
  14. Generated .anim files for imported FBX

    Hi, I observed that .anim files are generated in .runtime directory. So how can I use it at the moment e.g. by addAnimation function of ObjectMeshSkinned ? Cheers
  15. Hello, ive been trying to import a test mesh from blender with a simple animation. the model part is no problem, but when it comes to animation i can even get the animation panel to show up using collada, but nothing moves. After reading some posts here it seems its not supported, but those threads are old, so i wanted to verify this.
  16. Hi! If you close the project with animation and open it, the animation will not. Also the "Snap" not working in Graph mode. ver
  17. FBX animation issue

    Hello, I have a FBX with a single bone and a single animation. The bone is used to deform only a side of the mesh. When looking at the fbx animation with Autodesk FBX review (V1.4.1.0), it's fine. When the fbx is imported within Unigine, the bone animation rotates the mesh as a whole, not just a part of it (ie there is no deformation): I attached the fbx. Thanks for your help armature.fbx
  18. I've changed my character from Biped to Cat rig. No problems importing the biped animated character but when I import the Cat rigged character the limbs are doing something totally different!
  19. I have a PlayerPersecutor camera linked to animating geometry traveling along a spline. When viewing the animation through the Editor camera the animation runs as smooth as a baby's bum but when viewing through the PlayerPersicutor camera there's terrible jittering going on. Any ideas what the problem could be?
  20. I am a new user of Unigine Engine. now I get a task of doing a character animation using motion capture data. the motion capture device is similar to the A.R.T system. The data give me the position of bones of human body. I want to know how to apply this data to a objectmeshskinned model. I got these mothods of class objectmeshskinned : "void setBoneChildsTransform(int bone,const mat4 &transform) const; void setFrameBoneTransform(int bone,const mat4 &transform) const;" can change the shape of the model. but I do not know how to compute the right matrix ,especially the rotation matrix.
  21. Hello, Is there another way to animate object than using ObjectMeshSkinned (which require to have bones) ? For example I have a door and I want the open/close animation to done into 3DSMax by the art team. Ok for a simple door the animation can be done by code ... but If we want something fancy it will be better if it is animated by the art team. Thanks.
  22. Can we add animation form FBX now?
  23. Editor will not allow to add animation file :( So its not playing :( Why is this happening! Thanks Paul The other image says can't find bones in animation but it work fine in Mesh Viewer - what is going wrong! Animation file attached : https://www.dropbox.com/s/hdyyq4p2ou8psby/anim.zip It works in Mesh Viewer:
  24. Hi, Unigine. I have a question about Animation. I add Transform Node include Spline Path in editor mode. And added Box mesh child. like this(see Attach file). If spline path is in camera's Field of View, animation is playing. But if spling path is out camera's Field of View, animation is not playing. I want to play animation all of time. Not use script. What can I control Anmation? Have some option? Does not exist Solution??
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