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Found 17 results

  1. Добрый день. SDK Version : Unigine2 Engineering Загрузка FBX в рантайме. var nodeName = Import.DoImport(fileName, dataDir); NodeReference noderef = new NodeReference(nodeName); Загрузка NodeReference noderef = new NodeReference(nodeName); вызывает краш на некоторых fbx. При этом создаются файлы ноды, и можно отдельно загрузить меш файл. Пример FBX прилагаю Alu_Chair.zip
  2. I'm new to Unigine so might be missing something obvious here. I'm having trouble importing an animated camera from Max. I've baked the animation and exported the .fbx file which works fine when imported back into Max. The camera imports fine into Unigine but no animation. Any suggestions?
  3. glTF Import

    Hi All, According to to the pricing site, glTF is a supported format in Unigine. However I stumbled upon some issues while toying around with it. - When importing PBR models, the shading texture is not set (Albedo, Normal and Emission work most of the time). The texture is imported correctly and can be set manually without a problem, however I think this should happen automatically as it does for the other textures. - Animations are not imported (all imported meshes are static) I used the official samples provided by Khronos: https://github.com/KhronosGroup/glTF-Sample-Models What did I do? - create subdir in data folder - click "Import" in Asset Browser - select *.gltf and *.bin file of sample asset and click "open" - drag and drop imported *.gltf into scene Here are my import settings (I played around a bit with them but could not solve the problems): Recreate the issues: - create new Unigine Project - import samples from glTF-Sample-Models repo (I used glTF-Sample-Models/2.0/BrainStem for animations and glTF-Sample-Models/2.0/BoomBox for the shading texture) Am I doing something wrong or is this a problem with the Unigine glTF importer? I can't find Documentation on glTF, maybe something like the FBX Import Guide would be useful? Thanks in advance! Greetings
  4. Runtime fbx import

    Hello! First of all, thank you very much for providing a free Community Edition for this amazing game engine! Can you confirm if importing fbx files during runtime with the default FbxImporter plugin is possible with the Entertainment SDK edition? I was trying to follow this article, and it doesn't mention that this should only work with the paid licenses. My code got compiled successfully, but this function call always returned with a nullptr even though the fbx filepath was correct: Importer *importer = Import::get()->createImporterByFileName("../data/Test/test.fbx") Regards, Attila
  5. Hello, I'm using unigine 2.3. I have an object made with 3dsmax which is skinned with the skinned modifier. I'm trying to import the .mesh of the skinned object into the engine. My issu is that I'm loosing the Smooting groups/ Vertex normal information. It works normally if I import de object without the skinning. I would really appreciate any help on this one :)
  6. Hi, We would like to work with FBX files exported from Maya, and transmit some "metadata" (custom information) into a node to Unigine. Here is a brief description of our pipeline : 1) Into Maya: we add some metadata into a node in a scene. 2) Into Maya: we export the scene to FBX (The export keeps the metadata). 3) Into Unigine: we import the FBX file with the FBX import plugin. 4) Into Unigine: we have the hierarchy and the nodes, but we have lost the metadata. Is there a way to transmit metadata from Maya to Unigine within a FBX File ?

    Hi! I am trying to import a FBX file, I want to create LODs using Combine by Postfixes as is described in documentation. Here is a screenshot showing the settings to import FBX file. Here is the mesh as result of the importation. Has you can see, no LOD setting is set as specified. You can also see surface names are properly defined. So no LOD is generated... Is this an error from my side in the way I use the tool? Or there is any other problem? Thanks. lod_test.fbx
  8. Hello, ive been trying to import a test mesh from blender with a simple animation. the model part is no problem, but when it comes to animation i can even get the animation panel to show up using collada, but nothing moves. After reading some posts here it seems its not supported, but those threads are old, so i wanted to verify this.
  9. unknown token "AutodeskImport"

    Hi, I wanna use the AutodeskImport Class to import some FBX models in my Unigine scripts( Unigine 2.0 stable version ). However, the interpreter do not recognize "AutodeskImport", and there is no Autodesk dynamic link library in the sdk's lib folder either. So How can I use the AutodeskImport Class in my Unigine Scripts? Could you give us some instructions? Best Wishes Thanks.
  10. I've been struggling to get the scale correct when importing a world transform path. I want to create a path for a character to animate around a race track and it needs to be 100% precise of course. Here's how I'm doing it at the moment. 1 I create a spline path in Max using the same race track .fbx geometry that I use for my environment in Unigine as a guide 2 I animate a box along the spline 3 I export the box via Unigine Path Export (*.PATH) scale: 1.0, from frame 0 to frame 100 4 in Unigine I create world transform path (import .path file) The scale of the imported path is massive. I've tweaked and tweaked the export scale settings but to no avail. it's either a little bit too big or a little bit too small. At the moment I'm exporting the .path file at a scale of 0.01 but it's a little too big. It would be great if I could simply scale the path in Unigine. Any suggestions?
  11. I get an error when trying to import a .mesh file into 3ds Max 2015. The first time I ran the plugin, it worked fine, then I restarted max and now I get this error: "--Type error: Call needs function or class, got: undefined". I reinstalled the plugin from the latest tools download, but no change. In Max 2014 when I try to import a .mesh file it just crashes Max entirely. Any suggestions?
  12. 3D mesh importing

    Hello, Is there C++ API support for importing 3D meshes? I would like to edit models in Maya or Modo (or similar software) and then import them into my scene using only the C++ API. Is this possible? Thanks!
  13. If an object name in an FBX file is something like Base:Stuff:ObjectName then the importer tool will fail the entire file. The issue is that the importer will try to create a directory called "Base:Stuff" and put "ObjectName" in to it. Since Windows paths cannot contain colons this fails. You need to sanitize your inputs before using them to make directories.
  14. Hello Everyone! Is there anyone who can help me how to import osc functionality into a world? I am trying to make a plugin library based on the Dynamically Loading Library as Plugin example found in the Evaluation kit. I am loading oscdll.dll library with explicit linking in the oscplugin.cpp and trying to compile the oscplugin.cpp (scons) as plugin library but I am getting many errors like the following: C:\Unigine Evaluation Kit\data\core\Unigine.h(136) : error C2065: 'engine' : undeclared identifier C:\Unigine Evaluation Kit\data\core\Unigine.h(35) : error C2058: constant expression is not integral C:\Unigine Evaluation Kit\data\core\Unigine.h(136) : fatal error C1903: unable to recover from previous error(s); or oscplugin.cpp(6) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'UniginePlugin.h': No such file or directory stopping compilation scons: *** [oscplugin.dll] Error 2 scons: building terminated because of errors. Furthermore, I am waiting to get the the compiled oscplugin.cpp as a plugin library .dll and load this library as extern_plugin. Is there someone who could help me, please? Or be able to see the big picture of this process and give suggestions? Moreover, can I do this process with the Evaluation kit or I need the SDK? Append, parts of code: typedef void (*OSCOpen_)(void); OSCOpen_ OSCOpenFunc; HISTANCE hinstLib; #define OUTPUT_BUFFER_SIZE 1024 int OSCLinkDLL(void) { hinstLib = LoadLibrary("OSCDll.dll"); if (hinstLib) { OSCOpenFunc = (OSCOpen_) GetProcAddress(hinstLib, "OSCOpen"); return 0; } else return 1; } void OSCOpen(void) { OSCOpenFunc(); } class OscPlugin : public Plugin { public: OscPlugin() {} virtual ~OscPlugin(); virtual int init(); virtual int shutdown(); virtual void update(); } int OscPlugin::init() { Log::warning("OSCOpenFunc init called\n"); Interpreter::addExternFunction("OSCOpenFunc",MakeExternFunction(&OSCOpenFunc)); return 1; } extern "C" UNIGINE_API void *CreatePlugin() { return new OscPlugin(); } extern "C" UNIGINE_API void *ReleasePlugin(void *plugin) { delete static_cast<OscPlugin*>(plugin); }
  15. Could you please add IQM format support for Mesh Viewer? http://lee.fov120.com/iqm/ That would eliminate a need in Blender exporter as Blender already has outstanding export script for IQM format. That would allow a lot of indies to create content in Blender, export it into IQM, load IQM into Mesh Viewer and convert that into .smesh and .sanim. Thanks.
  16. Would like something written into either the nodes or (preferably) meshes to keep track of the file that the asset was originally created from ie a link to the original max,maya etc file.
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