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Found 5 results

  1. [SOLVED] Capture image of a node

    Hello World ! I am asking for help to capture an image of a node. Here is what I need to do : Have the screenshot saved See the camera view in the screenshot See the node in the screenshot And here is what happens: Screenshot is saved - OK We can see the camera view - OK The node is not in the screenshot - NOT OK What I do (after checking the sample "Screenshot") : In WorldLogic.init(): Load a node in my world with World::loadnode(); Place the camera in order to see the node (player->setWorldTransform)
  2. Hello, I am trying to add and remove fbx imported models from my scene but it doesn't work. I have a vector of NodePtr called "models" containing the models I want toe handle in my scene. I am simply calling this code every AppWorldLogic::update() : int idx = update_ctr % models.size(); int prev_idx = (update_ctr - 1) % models.size(); models[prev_idx].getNode()->setEnabled(false); models[idx].getNode()->setEnabled(true); models[idx].setPosition(targetCenter); The goal of this code is to simply test if I can add one model and remove the previous one each frame. With this code
  3. I'm trying to get a screenshot using the function "Viewport::renderImage2D". But the result of the picture is not like the truth. Can I see an example of getting a screenshot in C ++, and that the result is the same as using the console command "video_grab"? Thank you in advance.
  4. 360 Degree Screenshot

    Hi there, I'm wondering if there's a way to use the "grabber" to take 360 degree screenshots like the Kite and Lightning plugin for UE4? I'm looking to render a scene quickly in real-time using Unigine then export 360 degree screenshots to be used in WebVR sites. How would I go about enabling this? Thanks so much!
  5. I want to save a sequence of screenshots to a RAM disk for performance reasons. However I cannot set an absolute path i.e. Q:\screenshots\ - instead the only argument I can pass is a relative path to $APP\bin\screenshots\ Or at leasts if there is a way I can't see it.