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Table of contents:

Cinematic DoF and fast lights

Programmer news:

  • Dedicated shaders for non-shadowed surfaces, huge speedup on high quality shader profile.
  • Severe renaming of shader constants due to refactoring.
  • Added set of functions for access to packed files (engine.filesystem.getNumUngPackageFiles and others).
  • Per-node storing of properties and materials (use this feature carefully with materials because it can affect performance).
  • More verbose scripts parser: filename for #warning and #error, added __FILE__ and __LINE__ defines, more informative asserts and breakpoints.
  • Fixed PSD saving code.
  • More samples with lights.

Artist news:

  • New LightSpot object: very fast omni light without shadows, which can group by 4 sources and render at once.
  • Adjustable diffuse scale for all light sources.
  • Independent LOD system for lights, there are three new parameters: light distance (after this distance light starts fading), shadow distance (after this distance shadow starts fading), fade distance.
  • The same LOD model for particle systems with visible and fade distances.
  • Corrected ambient color calculation for water.
  • LightCube R.I.P., LightOmni now can be modulated by a cubemap, if needed.
  • ObjectMeshMorph support removed.
  • Fixed lack of accuracy in color dialog (HSV colorspace).
  • Adjustable background color of the scene (useful for blue/green screen composing systems).
  • Bokeh filter, available in DirectX10 and OpenGL with geometry shaders (it can be turned on by "render_dof 2 && render_restart" console command).

Bokeh filter is disscussed in blogs for a while, for example inVincent Scheib's one, "Beautiful Pixels". Here are examples of Bokeh filter usage in Unigine:

Ordinary DoF Bokeh filter
Ordinary DoF Bokeh filter
Ordinary DoF Bokeh filter
Ordinary DoF Bokeh filter

That's how multiple LightSpots can improve a look of the scene, where it's hard to use that many LightOmni:

LightSpot disabled LightSpot enabled
LightSpot disabled LightSpot enabled
LightSpot disabled LightSpot enabled
LightSpot disabled LightSpot enabled

Resulting image quality of LightSpot + lightmaps mixture is very good for night modes, especially taking into the account nice performance (the screenshot is taken from an unnounced Unigine-based game, developing by our content department):
City lights

We're also pleased to note that two more game developers have joinedour crew, Alexey "FadeToBlack" Egorov (developer) and Stanislav "brrrrr" Zagniy (3D artist), welcome aboard! They shipped a funny game "Sumotoha" recently and now are working on our internal projects.

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