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Recent news:
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Sanctuary released!

Recent changes:

  • Release of"Sanctuary" demo!
  • Correct detection of MS Vista in SystemInfo.
  • Detection of ATI R600 cards.
  • Detection of SLI mode at NVIDIA cards.
  • Non-realtime rendering mode with fixed FPS for machinima movies.
  • Occluders skipping bugfix.
  • UnigineScript bugfix of complex expressions with brackets.
  • 64bit plugins for 3ds Max.
  • Freezing of physical objects.
  • Per-joint adjusting of iterations count.
  • Clamping of maximal impulses in joints.
  • New ObjectDummy object for hierarchy handling.
  • New convex hull physics primitive.
  • Setting of mass for ragdoll.
  • Automatic generation of ragdoll by arbitrary animated model.

Release of "Sanctuary" demo took a lot of our efforts, but it brought a lot of valuable feedback. Some major websites (including published news about our demo and it became a starting point to massive testing and discussions about our technologies on different websites. Results are the following:

  1. Unigine v0.4 runs well on MS Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista, as well as different Linux distributives.
  2. Unigine v0.4 runs well on various NVIDIA NV30/NV40/G70/G80 and ATI R300/R400/R500/R600.
  3. Our render scales perfectly with GPU performance growth, we aren't CPU-bounded.
  4. SLI mode provides 2x boost of performance with our demo.
  5. There is very big performance problem of the driver with Vista/OpenGL on NVIDIA cards.
  6. There are a lot of people with great hardware, who are eager for great graphics.
  7. People do like our demos.

Benchmarking results are the following (with default settings):

  • ~2-5 FPS @ NV30
  • ~10-30 FPS @ NV40
  • ~15-80 FPS @ G70
  • ~150-180 FPS @ G80
  • ~5 FPS @ R300
  • ~10-25 FPS @ R400
  • ~10-85 FPS @ R500
  • ~130 FPS @ R600

At the end of this devlog entry we would like to show you our new effects for vegetation. This is ordinary rendering of leafs: No noise
The same scene with 3D noise for leafs:
With 3D noise

Some more news from our art department in conclusion: we aren't getting money for this, but here is a piece of advertisment: we bought all 4 DVDs of Arroway textures and they worth their price for 100%! Since we can't make photos of some materials we need, these textures is a big help for us.

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