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Batching and billboards

Unigine reference manual has been filling with chapters about UnigineScript built-in library for a pair of weeks. We must say that this means a heap of work since UnigineScript has way too rich library, there are more than 1000 functions. Gosh, all of them need to be documented properly!

This week changes:

  • Automatic batching of objects for rendering.
  • ObjectBillboard (oriented in parallel with camera plane or rotate around Z axis, arbitrary rotation center offset) with support of alpha-testing, emission, normal and specular mapping.
  • Memory allocations optimization.
  • Smart rendering into deferred buffer for particles and transparent objects.
  • Height-fading volume fog.
  • Changing of blending for detail material.
  • Two speeds of camera movement in UnigineEditor - normal and fast (with SHIFT) ones.
  • Displaying of video memory used for meshes and textures.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

We've forgotten to mention, ATI Catalyst 6.10 and 6.11 really solved win32/OpenGL crashes, now everything is fine.

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