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Unigine Basics
1. Introduction
2. Managing Virtual Worlds
3. Preparing 3D Models
4. Materials
5. Cameras and Lighting
6. Implementing Application Logic
7. Making Cutscenes and Recording Videos
8. Preparing Your Project for Release
9. Physics
10. Optimization Basics
11. PROJECT2: First-Person Shooter
12. PROJECT3: Third-Person Cross-Country Arcade Racing Game
13. PROJECT4: VR Application With Simple Interaction

Summing Up

You've studied quite a large amount of theory and thoroughly completed 4 projects from start to finish, you've learned a lot about the world of 3D graphics, mastered the basics of 3D application development on the UNIGINE platform, familiarized yourself with the main tools and learned how to use them. Now you can not only find and prepare the necessary content and implement the application logic in C#, but also animate camera fly-throughs with transformation and movement of objects in the scene, and record all this in a video. And you've also started to understand VR.

Now you can develop on your own, implement new projects and expand your expert knowledge and practical skills in this captivating area. We can advise the following activities as tasks to continue mastering the engine and developing the created projects:

  • You can make Project 3 (Arcade Cross-Country Race) more lifelike by adding a manual gearbox and and a choice of different car models, and also make the gameplay more sophisticated.
  • Use Project 4 as the basis and implement the ArchViz Project 1 in VR.
  • Add more levels and enemies to Project 2 (FPS). Implement the weapon changing system with limited ammunition load and add first aid kits and ammunition on levels.

It will also be useful to study the demo projects and samples supplied as part of the SDK — there you can learn about the specifics of using certain objects and ways to solve typical problems, or even use some parts of the examples and demos as templates for your own projects. You can always find all the necessary information in the documentation and tutorials, and if something is still not clear — ask on the forum or in Discord.

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