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DirectX 10.1 support

What's new:

  • DirectX 10.1 support (d3d10_render_use_feature_level_1 console variable, it's enabled by default; means that comparison sampling from texture arrays for cube and world lights is used).
  • Support of MS Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition.
  • New object for dynamic sky: ObjectSky (2 surfaces, 2 cubemaps with RGBE support, 2 layers of clouds).
  • Shadowing by clouds of ObjectSky.
  • Modulation of dynamic irradiance environment maps by ambient map.
  • Geometry duplication via geometry shaders for rendering of cube and world shadow maps (it works really fast on ATI).
  • Workaround for shadow biases (they are broken in ATI Direct3D10 drivers at the moment, the bug is submitted).
  • R600-specific optimizations.
  • Support of 16f and 32f image formats, loading of *.HDR files.
  • Fixed ATI2 normals.
  • Fair light scattering for reflections.
  • SpriteVideo YUV output with shader-based conversion into RGB for ObjectGui and ObjectGuiMesh (it reduces CPU load while playing multiple videos).
  • Dynamic access to textures by means of UnigineScript (e.g. for generation of procedural textures).
  • KEY_PRESSED callbacks for WidgetEditLine and WidgetEditText.
  • Saving of screenshots in different file formats (video_extension console variable, TGA is used by default).
  • Fixed Alt-Tab issue with fullscreen mode on Direct3D9.
  • Documentation updates: "Content Creation / Animation" and "Programming / Typical Architecture of a Unigine-Based Application" articles.

There is a funny thing with ATI2 components swapping on different cards and APIs (if you don't take it into account, there are artifacts):

R500 R600 NV40 NV50
OpenGL YX (3dc) YX (3dc) XY (la) XY (latc)
Direct3D9 YX YX YX YX
Direct3D10 XY XY

We hope our render to be completed for several months, it is already on the most bleeding edge. Sound module and physics improvements are the following.

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