GET UNIGINE Recent news: 2021-04-29 UNIGINE 2.14.1: Better Shading For Clouds and Water, Advanced Terrain Intersection Detection, Sandworm Tool Updates, Fox Hole Demo 2021-04-09 UNIGINE 2.14: Cumulonimbus Clouds, C# 9, Water Wave Spectrum Control, New Landscape Generator 2020-11-24 UNIGINE 2.13: GPU Lightmapper, Volumetric Clouds Upgrade, Better Anti-Aliasing, New Terrain Tools Preview 2020-07-31 UNIGINE 2.12: Faster Physics, Better Clouds, Earthworks Demo, Advanced Particle Systems 2020-04-10 UNIGINE 2.11: Community Edition, Performance Optimizations, Better Particles, Archviz Demo 2019-12-25 UNIGINE 2.10: New Terrain, Improved C++/C# API, Editor Plugins, Vehicle System 2019-08-16 UNIGINE 2.9: C# Component System, Better Shadows, SSSSS, Dome Screens Support, Weather Add-On 2019-04-30 UNIGINE 2.8: Improved Data Streaming, Cached Shadows, Refactored Editor, Better Vegetation 2018-12-27 UNIGINE 2.7.3: Major UnigineEditor Update, Properties and Component Systems Upgrade, IG Template, Experimental Road Tool 2018-08-10 UNIGINE 2.7.2: CAD Models Import, Improved Collaboration, Impostors and Terrain Holes
Table of contents:

Bunch of useful fixes

Recent changes:

  • New 'world' samples: occluders, sectors and portals, WorldTrigger usage.
  • Plugins for 3dsMax 2009.
  • Xml module doesn't generate   anymore due to standart compliance.
  • 'quit' callback for the editor (quit from the world).
  • Backup of .world file before saving new one.
  • Brush rotation in TerrainEditor.
  • Excluding support in Archiver.
  • Visualization of ambient occlusion.
  • Built-in packed resources instead of XPM files.
  • New 'Resource' tool for packing of resources to be built-in into the binary.
  • TTF fonts in ResourceEditor.
  • 3x3 PCF for shadows in lightmap generator.
  • More optimal ambient occlusion for open spaces owing to branching in shaders.
  • Transformations of texture coordinates in ResourceEditor.
  • isNode(), isBody(), isJoint() functions in UnigineScript for pointer type detection.
  • call_stack() and stack_dump() functions in UnigineScript for easy debugging.

There are also tons of changes in UnigineEditor in our development branch, but they require some time for stabilization, so they will be introduced in next updates.

PS: Unigine team is hiring: seevacancies list. We would be happy to find more great developers, may be it is your chance to join us!

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