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More render optimizations and "1% per day" campaign

First of all, here is an another screenshot from our unannounced Unigine-based project, which is the main concern of our art department these days (by the way, it contains 64 square kilometers of terrain):

What's new:

  • Terrain optimizations.
  • No performance drop if there is an invisible water in the scene.
  • Occlusion queries for smart culling.
  • Fixed overlighting of impostors and reflections.
  • Alpha-testing + anti-aliasing now works correctly on DirectX 10.1 capable hardware.
  • Added anti-aliasing support for scattering pass for DirectX 10 hardware.
  • Removed Oren-Nayar shaders due to increased compexity of material system.
  • Support of mouse scroll in EditLine and SpinBox widgets.
  • LODs for particles (particle count reduces with the distance).
  • Optimized light scattering.
  • A special "destroy" method of containers in UnigineScript for memory cleanup without direct call of a destructor.
  • Fixed Image crashes on float and half images in rare cases.
  • Grass performance optimizations.
  • Fixed crash of ResourceEditor if config file missing.
  • UnigineEditor now works more intelligent with textures, there is no need in ImageDDS tool for ordinary cases.
  • Scene validator in UnigineEditor.
  • Added "How to..." section in the manual, which will be useful for artists.

You can see antialiasing improvement by yourself:No AA,4xAA on DX 10.0, and4xAA on DX 10.1.

We have launched a"1% per day" discount campaign: every single day before November, 30 gives you 1% discount on licensing Unigine (or you lose 1%, if you are waiting), so you can get a fully-capable license with 60% discount, if you are on time!

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