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MegaUpdate (c) Frustum

Basing on customers feature requests, there are a lot of hot updates in Unigine!

Recent changes:

  • Fonts outlining.
  • UnigineScript debugger (GDB style): call stack, stack dump, disassemble, view variable and array info (add breakpoints to your script and look into the system console).
  • New NodeRef node type, which refers to nodes from external node files.
  • Improved 'forloop' and 'foreach' operators in UnigineScript.
  • Added 'switch' operator into UnigineScript for faster branching.
  • WidgetEditText allows per-line editing now.
  • Holes support for terrain (first LOD only).
  • Added more settings for ResourceEditor: camera speed, FOV, wireframe color.
  • Inheritance of user-defined classes with virtual functions support in UnigineScript.
  • Context menu for nodes in UnigineEditor (Alt + right mouse button to activate).
  • Full undo/redo support for nodes and materials in UnigineEditor.
  • Updated documentation on Unigine library.
  • Heap of minor fixes.

Finally, a new Catalyst 8.6 has solved the problem with soft shadows! It's highly recommended to upgrade to it for all ATI card owners.

Here is the context menu for nodes in UnigineEditor:
Context menu for nodes in UnigineEditor

New TerrainEditor can add holes:
New TerrainEditor with support of holes

Terrain upgrade guide: save height map into DDS format by old TerrainEditor, create a new terrain by new TerrainEditor, import old height map.


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