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Recent news:
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ObjectWaterMesh, MinGW and a bunch of bugfixes

Recent changes:

  • New ObjectWaterMesh object for small water pools.
  • Improvement of build scripts (new variable "g_compiler" in addition to "g_os"), added support of MinGW (engine can be built with it, but the build will not be properly functional; tools are working ok).
  • All console variable are now declared in source/engine/EngineConsole.h.
  • "manager_create_*" console variables are renamed to "manager_preload_*".
  • Fixed mouse scroll handling in Linux.
  • Bones visualization mode in ResourceEditor / Viewer.
  • Fixed collisions of RagDoll with BodyDummy.
  • Fixed "unknown body" bug in physics solver.
  • Non-intersectable objects now can be selected by double-click in UnigineEditor.
  • 2 samples of LODs usage.
  • Object's materials are now handled by the material class.
  • A bunch of flags in objects for surfaces (collision, intersection, shadows and so on).

By the way, building Unigine with MinGW on win32 have helped refactoring win32-specific code because GCC is a little bit more verbose than MS VS.

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