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Physics stabilization

This week changes:

  • Increased precision of physics simulation.
  • New JointWheel object, old one is renamed to JointSuspension.
  • Fixed functions of BodyRigid: addForce, addTorque, addWorldForce, addWorldTorque.
  • transposeRotation function renamed to transpose3.
  • Added inverse3 function for fast invertion of matrices.
  • Improved robustness of joints solver.
  • Fixed cone friction.
  • Ray car sample.
  • Crawler sample.
  • Maya 8.5/Linux plugins.
  • Network sockets functions in UnigineScript library.
  • "Virtual World" chapter in "Principles of Operation" section of the manual.

Our tire model is rather simple, however it is enough for games. All dynamic parameters can be read from wheels. Pacejka's magic formula can be easily implemented if one needs the highest level of realism, but it requires too much constants for different tires so we decided to neglect it.

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