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Table of contents:

Improvements and more pieces of physics

Recent changes:

  • New logic of LOD switching.
  • Arbitrary swizzlers in UnigineScript, allow using constructions like " + v.zyw" and "m.m03m13m23".
  • Changes in mipmaps generation logic.
  • Easy splash screens.
  • Small fix of work with OpenAL.
  • GUI bugfixes.
  • Fixed normalization bug with ATI x1xxx cards.
  • Pointers to editor nodes restore automatically while restoring state.
  • ATI performance counters in built-in profiler.
  • "Intersection" and "collision" options in materials.
  • Visualization of handlers for lights, sectors and so on.
  • Partial collision detection.
  • Physics serialization.

Don't forget to use within your "data" directory.

Some words about new LOD system: now there is "Parent" parameter in Nodes / Surfaces, which set number of levels in nodes hierarchy to parent node used for reference distance (-1 is for distance to the current surface).

Video driver issues are like a never-ending story: NVIDIA guys have finally accepted bug report regarding enormous performance drop with cubemap textures in OpenGL. AMD/ATI released pretty good linux driver at last, everything seems to work ok with it. We are happy that hardware vendors working on their drivers, but anyway we would like to see bug fixes faster.

By the way, Unigine Corp. is hiring: we are looking for a talented C++ developer who will work on Unigine tools.