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Introducing devlog

We are starting our public development log in order to give more information regarding Unigine v0.4. Here you will find our concerns, achievements and some exclusive screenshots from internal tech-demos. The devlog will be updated each 1-2 weeks, we suppose. You can subscribe to our RSS feed to track new entries. Well, let's start!

Changes for the last week:

  • ObjectGUI.
  • GUI rendering optimization.
  • Rendering optimization of particle systems.
  • Alpha-testing bugfix on NVIDIA, driver problems.
  • Visualization of textures, which were failed to load.
  • Warnings regarding textures of non-standart size (power of 2).
  • Half-float data support by Mathlib.
  • Fresnel refraction improvements.
  • Support of logarithmic scales in material editor.
  • Expandable ranges for parameters in material editor.

Water looks even better than before, especially the coastline. It's a pity that we couldn't place screenshots in public domain because they contain test environment, which is subjected to NDA with our customers. Anyway we will add a lot of water into our forthcoming big demo, you'll see it later.

ObjectGUI looks very cool but sometimes we are afraid of its flexibility ourselves - for example, we've launched the world editor inside the ObjectGUI placed in 3D virtual world. A new experimental feature is GUI on an arbitrary curved surface, you can see it on the screenshot, it's really wicked.

ObjectGUI on a mesh

Guys from NVIDIA has finally fixed a minor bug in their drivers, which was submitted by Frustum a long time ago (there are 2 more unfixed bugs). We are still waiting for official release of Catalyst 6.10 from ATI, which will fix win32/OpenGL crashes with Unigine.

That's all for now, stay tuned.

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