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Support of multiple output devices (monitor walls, CAVEs)

Added AppWall template application that supports output to multiple devices. It can be used to create multi-monitor walls, deeply immersive VR simulators and multi-dimensional CAVE systems. Each output device can has its own camera setup.

Unigine engine on the wall of monitors

To control the number of monitors, include and customize data/core/scripts/wall.h script (check Wall settings that it adds into the main menu).

Unigine engine on the wall of monitors


  • Added multi-viewport output for all supported graphical APIs.
  • Added screen-space reflection post-process (post_filter_reflection base material).
  • Fixed WorldCluster rendering bug.
  • Fixed portal bounds detection bug.
  • Support of asymmetric projections throughout the whole rendering pipeline.


  • A lot of performance optimizations.
  • System and editor scripts now have render() function.
  • Fixed the crash on detecting parent class of the exported classes.
  • Fixed occasional crashes by script shutdown.


  • Increased performance.
  • Fixed stack overflow in 64-bit builds.
  • Contact solver now utilizes SSE instruction set, if available.
  • Fixed gravity flag saving bug for bodies.

Mobile version:

  • Added telnet protocol support (default TCP port is 8888) to remotely control the application running on a target device (it provides full access to Unigine built-in console). Use "logout" command to close the session.
  • More NEON optimizations for rendering.
  • Contact solver now utilizes NEON instruction set, if available.
  • Performance analyzer for Android and iOS.
  • Thread-safe file access to "assets" directory on Android.
  • Added "Crypt" and "Passage" demos to iOS and Android SDKs.
  • Added Android Application Development article in the reference manual.

PlayStation 3 version:

  • SPU optimization of collision detection and rigid body physics.
  • Added Render memory counter into the profiler.
  • Improved memory management.
  • Added new PS3MeshRaw object. It stores vertices and indexes in the video memory and doesn't cull triangles (higher memory consumption but lower PPU load).
  • Render utilizes up to 4 SPUs (1 SPU is always reserved for physics).


  • Added sound samples memory profiling.
  • Fixed non-blocking network sockets bug in Windows.
  • Added "Tools -> Always update" option in UnigineEditor for focus-independent update of the application window.
  • Added a new option that allows to fast save the selected material/property libraries in UnigineEditor.
  • HAS_TABLET define is renamed to HAS_APP_TABLET.
  • Added Gui::HIDE callback for GUI widgets.
  • Added new UnigineRender class into C++ API for direct access to engine rendering functions.


Huge speed-up of UnigineScript


Support of huge worlds