Скачать UNIGINE Последние новости: 2021-04-29 UNIGINE 2.14.1: Better Shading For Clouds and Water, Advanced Terrain Intersection Detection, Sandworm Tool Updates, Fox Hole Demo 2021-04-09 UNIGINE 2.14: Cumulonimbus Clouds, C# 9, Water Wave Spectrum Control, New Landscape Generator 2020-11-24 UNIGINE 2.13: GPU Lightmapper, Volumetric Clouds Upgrade, Better Anti-Aliasing, New Terrain Tools Preview 2020-07-31 UNIGINE 2.12: Faster Physics, Better Clouds, Earthworks Demo, Advanced Particle Systems 2020-04-10 UNIGINE 2.11: Community Edition, Performance Optimizations, Better Particles, Archviz Demo 2019-12-25 UNIGINE 2.10: New Terrain, Improved C++/C# API, Editor Plugins, Vehicle System 2019-08-16 UNIGINE 2.9: C# Component System, Better Shadows, SSSSS, Dome Screens Support, Weather Add-On 2019-04-30 UNIGINE 2.8: Improved Data Streaming, Cached Shadows, Refactored Editor, Better Vegetation 2018-12-27 UNIGINE 2.7.3: Major UnigineEditor Update, Properties and Component Systems Upgrade, IG Template, Experimental Road Tool 2018-08-10 UNIGINE 2.7.2: CAD Models Import, Improved Collaboration, Impostors and Terrain Holes

Happy New Year!

Changes of this week:

  • Added access to collision contacts of Players.
  • Fixed minor bug in UnigineScript with namespaces and user-defined classes.
  • Refactored Actor system.
  • LightSpot performance optimization.
  • User classes in UnigineScript can be stored as keys in maps.
  • Character class divided into Character, CharacterParticipant, and CharacterNpc.
  • Fixed missing Windows SDK issue in install.py script.
  • Updated reference manual (Console, UnigineScript library).

Current Unigine codebase statistics:

				engine 6611 Kb 672 files 237312 lines
				shaders 1148 Kb 288 files 41467 lines
				scripts 162 Kb 15 files 5862 lines
				editor 1221 Kb 96 files 42125 lines
				tools 765 Kb 61 files 27704 lines
				app main 62 Kb 28 files 2238 lines
				app samples 238 Kb 62 files 9871 lines
				build system 39 Kb 29 files 1770 lines
				build scripts 59 Kb 91 files 1736 lines
				docs scripts 30 Kb 7 files 963 lines
				total 10339 Kb 1349 files 371048 lines

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!


Animation changes, external GUI


Cinematic DoF and fast lights
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