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Bugs hunting

Fixed bugs:

  • More accurate parallax mapping on 'high' profile.
  • Fixed ObjectWater polygons doubling after cloning.
  • Fixed match() for patterns with '*'.
  • Fixed call of user class methods with arguments in UnigineScript.
  • Correct work of garbage collector with inherited classes in UnigineScript.
  • Correct work of 'hidden' flag for all types of GUI containers.
  • No more artifacts of ObjectWater in underwater mode.
  • Fixed handling of '(' ')' '{' '}' symbols in UnigineScript.
  • Fixed node cloning dialog in UnigineEditor.

New features:

  • Saving debugger's history between sessions.
  • Added xml->isChild() function in UnigineScript.
  • ObjectTerrain can be edited and saved by means of scripts.
  • Improved brushes window in TerrainEditor.
  • Introduced 'Pair' and 'Triple' containers in UnigineScript.
  • Clean-up of UnigineEditor.
  • Removed alpha channel support from NormalCombiner.
  • Cubic filtering for lightmaps on 'high' setting profile.
  • New strget() and strset() functions in UnigineScript.
  • Updated a lot of articles in reference manual, added UnigineScript debugger documentation (see 'Programming / UnigineScript / Script Debugging').
  • Added WorlTrigger support in UnigineEditor.
  • Improved editing of vec3/vec4/mask parameters in material editor of UnigineEditor (double-click on them to edit).
  • Added 'Place here' (move to the camera) and 'Place manually' (place on a surface, right-click switch normal binding, mouse scroll adjusts height) buttons in Nodes window of UnigineEditor.
  • Support of material's parameters copy-paste in UnigineEditor.
  • Dynamical node info visualization feature in UnigineEditor (Tools -> Interface -> Dynamic info).

The hunting was fruitful, almost all of the bugs were discovered during work on our internal Unigine-based projects, which are a kind of sandbox for us.


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