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Hello, I'd like to ask if its possible to create a abstract C# component class for inheritance only? I'm new to Unigine so I might be missing something.

Here is a example of what I want to achieve:

public abstract class MyComponentBase : Component {
  public MyComponentBase(...) { ... }
  protected virtual void Init() { System.Console.WriteLine("Hello from component base class!"); }

public sealed class MyComponent : MyComponentBase {
  public MyComponent() : base(...) { ... }
  protected override void Init() { base.Init(); System.Console.WriteLine("Hello from my component!"); }


Attempting to build the example results into the following build error: "System.MissingMethodException: Cannot create an abstract class."

Is there a attribute I am not aware of that would prevent it from attempting to instantiate the abstract component during build process? Thanks.

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Hi, SystemOverlord!

At the moment, you can't use abstract class as a component. I've created new ticket and we'll try to implement this feature in the next release (2.15).

Best regards,

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