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Found 9 results

  1. Abstract Component

    Hello, I'd like to ask if its possible to create a abstract C# component class for inheritance only? I'm new to Unigine so I might be missing something. Here is a example of what I want to achieve: public abstract class MyComponentBase : Component { public MyComponentBase(...) { ... } protected virtual void Init() { System.Console.WriteLine("Hello from component base class!"); } } public sealed class MyComponent : MyComponentBase { public MyComponent() : base(...) { ... } protected override void Init() { base.Init(); System.Console.WriteLine("Hello from my component!"); } } Attempting to build the example results into the following build error: "System.MissingMethodException: Cannot create an abstract class." Is there a attribute I am not aware of that would prevent it from attempting to instantiate the abstract component during build process? Thanks.
  2. Gui vs GuiObject

    Hi, Using V2.12.0.2 C# Components i am not able to get the same results from GuiObject as from adding object to Gui.Get() What am i doing wrong? Clean test project is attached. PS: What where the 2 folders you needed to debug project? unigine_UI_Test_Project.zip
  3. Basic example UI component

    Hi, I have been working on C# component for UI. Just finished translating the Unigine::Widgets::Window example from Uniginescript to C# in the OpenGameMenu() function. So I thought to share my result and thought. The widget system has some good things to it and I easily see it becoming a great system. - I can’t wait to see wat I’m able to do with the floating UI’s (next step) That being said it needs some TLC. - More C# examples (in the documentation) and some corrections in the docs. - Alignment and overlapping could use a upgrade. - A actual component set or UI designer So here you are able to find my component GameUI.csv0.1 to get started quickly. Features - @ developers comments - It is able to add, remap default key and mouse bindings. - It handles the mouse state. - Able to close the app. - And gives an example of a lot of widgets, resizing, Widget Calllbacks. Known issues. - Not able to add checkbox to menubox PS: I’m a beginner so don’t take everything to seriously. And coding advise is welcome
  4. C# Parameter Attributes

    Hi, I am new to Unigine and find myself going back to the 'C# Component System - UNIGINE 2 Engine Essentials' YouTube video all the time. For example, to look at how to write Parameter Attributes and what see whats possible.
  5. Hi, what would be the proper way to export custom components used in a project to another project ? So far, I've been moving the C++ source and header files of my custom components from the source folder of my Unigine project to the source folder of another one. I then recompile the moved components in the new project. Is there a quicker and more efficient way ?
  6. I create a plugin where I want to include a new 3d object. For my 3dObject I inherited from ObjectExternBase class My3dObject: public Unigine::ObjectExternBase { public: template <class> friend class Unigine::Ptr; static void release_ptr(My3dObject *p); { delete p; } static Unigine::Ptr<My3dObject> create(); { Unigine::Ptr<My3dObject> ptr = Unigine::Ptr<My3dObject>(new My3dObject()); return ptr; } virtual int getClassID() override; virtual int getNumSurfaces() override; virtual const char *getSurfaceName(int surface) override; virtual const ::Unigine::BoundBox &getBoundBox(int surface) override; virtual const ::Unigine::BoundSphere &getBoundSphere(int surface) override; virtual const ::Unigine::BoundBox& getBoundBox() override; virtual const ::Unigine::BoundSphere& getBoundSphere() override; ... int MyPlugin::init() { int id = Unigine::Interpreter::addGroup("MyGroup"); Unigine::ExternClass<My3dObject> *My3dObj = Unigine::MakeExternClass<My3dObject>(); Unigine::Interpreter::addExternClass("My3dObject", My3dObj, id); this->my3dObj = My3dObject::create(); this->my3dObj.get()->release(); Unigine::Editor::get()->addNode(this->my3dObj.get()->getNode(), true); ... After load the plugin in the "word tree" appear the node "ObjectExtern", but if I select this raise an exception Unhandled exception at 0x00007FF88046E91E (ucrtbase.dll) in Editor_x64d.exe: Fatal program exit requested. Exist some sample that show how I can add My3dObject to the editor from a plugin. /Roberto
  7. Cigi & Component behavior

    Hello, I observe a different behavior of a IG Component depending on whether the component is solo or not in an entity. Let me explain: Here is an excerpt from my ig_config.xml: <entity id="160" name="h160"> <path>entities/h160/h160.node</path> <component id="34" name="rotor"> <property>rotor</property> <parameter name="data1">rpm</parameter> </component> <component id="35" name="rotorwash"> <property>rotorwash</property> <parameter name="data1">wind_percent</parameter> <parameter name="data2">sand_percent</parameter> </component> </entity> <entity id="260" name="rotorwash"> <path>entities/rotorwash/rotorwash.node</path> <component id="35" name="rotorwash"> <property>rotorwash</property> <parameter name="data1">wind_percent</parameter> <parameter name="data2">sand_percent</parameter> </component> </entity> As you can see, the "rotorwash" component is solo for the entity #260 but not in the #160. What I observe at runtime (with Log::message) is that I can drive the wind_percent & sand_percent of the rotorwash through Cigi component control of entity #260, but not of #160. (attached rotorwash component source, if it matters). What am I doing wrong? source.zip
  8. edit property in component system

    why new property created auto in componentsystem folder after build project? After editing again my properties, running the project will not change the properties in the componentsystem folder. Is it okay if I do not mind the componentsystem folder?
  9. in Docs, There is only way to do it with code. How add component to node by UnigineEditor? (not .prop) probably like mouse drag to node
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