[SOLVED] Stars billboard trough the landscape


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I had a stars system thanks to the instructions on the following link but the stars can be seen trough the map.


The depth test of my stars material is set to true, an the far clip is set to 2500 while my last object is at 2000. The visibility by sector of the star ObjectBillboard is set to true as well.

I don't understand why this is happening, if you have any ideas that would be a great help!






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Hello Antoine,

Is the stars could be seen through any object or terrain only? Also please specify which terrain you are using. ObjectLandscapeTerrain or TerrainGlobal? And which version of SDK you are running on


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Hi Vvvaaseckiy,

I'm currently working with the 2.10 version of the sdk. This is happening with every ObjectMeshStatic of my world including the ObjectCloudLayer. I don't have a ObjectLandscapeTerrain or TerrainGlobal.


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This is really strange behavior. As for the ObjectCloudLayer it is expected that transparent objects(with Alpha Blend transparency preset) may render over the clouds, for that case there is special option - Settings/Render/Clouds/Render After Transparent, if you enable this option, the clouds should be correctly overlapping stars billboards.

But as for every ObjectMeshStatic being overlapped by stars billboards, we were unable to reproduce this bug. Can you please verify that it is reproducible in default world, with default settings for billboard_stars, or attach a small scene where this bug occurs

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I managed to fix it! My bad, my radius was to small causing the first star to be in front of my landscape panorama mesh.

Just changing the radius did the trick!


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