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Your feedback via all our channels has helped us resolve a number of issues introduced in 2.13. Thank you all for your contribution to making UNIGINE better! 


  • Fixed a сrash on setting a name of a non-existing mesh in the Mesh field of the MeshStatic object.
  • Fixed incorrect rendering of imagery data of the Landscape Terrain generated by the Sandworm tool, in case of different values of the Zoom factor. The default Zoom factor for terrain generation has changed from 0 to 5.
  • Fixed a crash on generating a Landscape Terrain again above the existing data via the Sandworm tool.

  • Fixed a crash on processing large files by the Sandworm tool.

  • The Sandworm tool shall now modify the world’s ‘changed’ state after generating a new Landscape Terrain, so the user will be prompted to save changes in case of closing the world.

  • The Sandworm tool now correctly generated vegetation and other objects for masks in both Single Channel and Color modes.

  • Fixed imagery artefacts along the contours of tiles when generating a Landscape Terrain via the Sandworm tool.

  • Fixed an issue with Runtimes Generator sometimes leading to generation of invalid .prop files for C# components.

  • Fixed an issue with the PlayerSpectator resulting in flipping of the image rendered by the camera and inversion of controls in case the rotation angle of the camera around the Z-axis exceeds 180 degrees.


  • Fixed lightmap flickering artefacts for surfaces using a custom pre-baked texture.
  • Fixed rendering of images from multiple cameras by the AppWall plugin.

  • Fixed incorrect planar reflections in case of setting lower values of Downsampling rendering for clouds.

  • Fixed an issue related to ObjectMeshDynamic update sometimes resulting in objects disappearing at certain camera angles.

  • Fixed extensive error logging when using images of inappropriate format as masks for Grass and MeshClutter objects.

  • Fixed flickering of WaterMesh objects when TAA is enabled.
  • Fixed incorrect rendering of transparent shadows for objects having the mesh_base material with the corresponding option assigned.

  • Fixed an issue causing a significant slowdown of shadows rendering.

  • Fixed an issue with including the UnigineInput.h header file for projects based on 2.13 SDK.

  • Fixed an issue with clamping an image in the viewport to the main window of a WPF application.

  • Fixed a crash on closing the wpf_multiple_window application via the quit command.

Syncker + IG Template

  • Fixed synchronization of entities after reloading a database.
  • No more errors in the console on a Slave when adding an entity to a scene.

  • Fixed a crash on enabling precipitations in a system having more than Slave. Coordinates for precipitations are also set correctly now.

  • All comments and entity identifiers (DIS) are now preserved when re-writing the ig_config.xml file.

  • Fixed a Syncker crash on switching between worlds (world_load).

  • Fixed an issue with incorrect rendering of particle systems on Slaves.

  • Entity type name (from ig_config.xml) has been added to the IG Debug.

  • Fixed a crash on reloading a database when the DISConnector is connected.

  • Changed the way clamping works in Entity Control packages. The Altitude value now specifies an offset above the terrain or sea level, when Ground/Ocean Clamp parameter is set to Non-Conformal. By default clamping works in a new way, if you want to keep the previous way, you'll either have to pass a zero height value or change height clamping mode via API as follows:



A new Offscreen Render sample has been added to the Sim SDK (\source\samples\Api\Render\Offscreen). The sample demonstrates graphics context creation with periodical saving of screenshots (currently available for DirectX only).

The updated version of the documentation is available as 2.13.

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Update just lib, header and binaries.
Nothing to do with data (already in 2.13) right?

Kind regards,

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