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Found 5 results

  1. Your feedback via all our channels has helped us resolve a number of issues introduced in 2.13. Thank you all for your contribution to making UNIGINE better! UnigineEditor Fixed a сrash on setting a name of a non-existing mesh in the Mesh field of the MeshStatic object. Fixed incorrect rendering of imagery data of the Landscape Terrain generated by the Sandworm tool, in case of different values of the Zoom factor. The default Zoom factor for terrain generation has changed from 0 to 5. Fixed a crash on generating a Landscape Terrain again above the existing data via
  2. Thanks everyone for the provided feedback! The latest update includes a lot of bugfixes alongside with small, but handy improvements. SDK and Add-Ons are already hit the production server, Demos are on their way! Improvements Up to 4 times import speed improvement for the LandscapeTerrain. Microprofile now shows synchronization points for Syncker plugin Better serialization for Curve2d (Curve2d::saveState/restoreState) Syncker API extended: added methods for user messages bufferization Fixed issues UnigineEditor
  3. [SOLVED] Assembling Project

    I've assembled a project and running it with the .bat file produced. My logic for my project is in the c# AppWorldLogic.cs. When the project has been assembled the code doesn't seem to run in this file? I'm using Unigine 2 engineering evaluation edition with a c# project. The logic in the .cpp unigine script file for the world that's loaded runs but while developing and running in debug the code in the c# file runs as expected. Is there any documentation on assembling a project? I've build the project for release in the visual studios project before assembling. Is there anything you
  4. mouse grab release

    Hello What mouse related methods are called when user press ~tilda or ESC I'm tried this methods engine.gui.setMouseGrab(1); engine.controls.setMouseEnabled(0);//freeze;//windows mouse camera.setHandled(false); camera.setEnabled(false); camera.getControls().release(); camera.setControlled(1); camera.setControls(0); tag code has infinite loading for me but with no success I need area on screen, where user click will not grab mouse and not hide cursor
  5. Hi, When I run my app in release mode, when I change the controls hotkeys (Forward, Backward, etc...), it is not saved for the next launch :-( I would like to launch my app in release directly with custom hotkeys for the navigation. (In editor it works fine because the hotkeys are saved in the custom_preset) Is there a way to do that in release mode ? Thanks. Regards, Philippe