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manipulator not showing up


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The Manipulator often doesnt show up, when switching between move, scale, rotate.

I cant say when exactly, but they often do not show up, which is really annoying.

Clicking on random nodes in the world panel helps sometimes.

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Unfortunately I have not observed any pattern. As well I cant tell, how to recreate that.

Two Other things I want to mention here, which are quite annoying during work:

- if you double click the upper left Icon of the editor, to quit the editor (old windows style quitting out of an app), the menu pops up, but the focus is lost as well and the whole editor is not usable until you click a different Window, or the startbar.

- the color picker window is really really slow to start up, (it takes longer if the project is larger)


Thx.Best Werner

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On 5/19/2018 at 6:49 AM, silent said:

Hi Werner,

Yep, we've observed this behavior couple of times. However, we could not find a stalbe reproduction for that yet :( If you will observe some pattern that 100% lead to focus lost, please give us a hint.


Hi @silent,

Do you find problem and solution for it ?

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