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Found 2 results

  1. manipulator not showing up

    The Manipulator often doesnt show up, when switching between move, scale, rotate. I cant say when exactly, but they often do not show up, which is really annoying. Clicking on random nodes in the world panel helps sometimes.
  2. Manipulator example

    Hello I can't get interaction (select axis by mouse) with manipulator. I can see manipulator on scene, matrices are set ok. do I miss some function that test if mouse above some axis for getFocusedAxis()? or I must highlight it manually? I'm initialize manipulator like: manipulator = new WidgetManipulatorTranslator(Gui.get()); manipulator.setSize(64); Gui.get().addChild(manipulator, Gui.ALIGN_OVERLAP); manipulator.setEnabled(1); and on Update set matrices: Player p = Render.CurrentCamera.Player; if (p == null){ System.Console.WriteLine("player == null");// ok return; } dmat4 transform = dmat4.IDENTITY; if (Target != null) transform = Target.getWorldTransform(); manipulator.setBasis(transform); manipulator.setTransform(transform * dmat4.IDENTITY); manipulator.setProjection(p.getProjection()); manipulator.setModelview(p.getIWorldTransform()); if (manipulator.isFocused() != 0){ int fa = manipulator.getFocusedAxis(); System.Console.WriteLine("getFocusedAxis = {0}", fa); // never triggered } thanks
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