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ObjectParticles not updating (child of a PlayerSpectator)


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I'm currently migrating my project from Unigine 2.15.1 to 2.16.1
For the weather, I'm putting my ObjectParticles (for rain, snow...) as a child of my PlayerSpectator but the particles are no longer updated. They were updating correctly in 2.15.1
I trided to remove them from PlayerSpectator's child, they are updating correctly, but I would like to keep them as a child

I manage to reproduce it in the editor in a new scene


Any idea on what I'm doing wrong and how I can solve this (without updating manually the position of the Particles every frame so it can follow the camera)?


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Hi Pierre,

So far I was able to reproduce this behavior inside the Editor only if PlayerSpectator has enabled Main Player option. If you can switch from Spectator to Dummy it would also fix this behavior (only Spectator and Actor players are affected).

If you can set PlayerSpectator as main later in the code I guess it would be enough to resolve this issue. Also if you will try to disable Main Player option while you have ObjectParticles as a child you will have Editor crash. We are currently investigating this behavior and will try to fix in the upcoming 2.18 update.


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Hi Silent,

I can also reproduce the crash of the editor when I try to disable Main Player option while I have ObjectParticles as a child.

I'll investigate to see if I have another impact by switching from Dummy To Spectator, or try to play with the setMainplayer() function


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