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Missing Sound Format Definitions


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I just tried to load up a signed 32-bit PCM 48kHz stero WAV file but it won't play, but there are no errors.  In the documentation it doesn't mention all the details, just that it accepts WAV, OGA and MP3 in mono and stereo.  I have tried various bit depths and sampling frequencies, and it seems we top out at 16-bit 44.1kHz.  Which is totally fine, as it's CD qualit, but would be nice for this to be documented and perhaps looked into supporting higher qualities in the future.

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Hi Mike,

Just tried to use int16/24 bit and 48kHz WAV and everything went smooth (float32/64, a-law, mu-law, int12, uint8 and other rare subsets are not supported). 16/24/32bit 48kHz OGA files are also played nicely. For MP3 files to play I would need to enable 'Stream' checkbox in the Sound Source node:


If format is not supported you should be able to see the error message in console (for example, for 32bit WAV):

SoundFileWav::load(): only supports 16 or 24 bits per sample format

If you have no errors in console, but sound doesn't play, try to disable/enable sound node in World Hierarchy and activate 'Stream' checkbox.

However, if you have different behavior and disabling/enabling node doesn't help - we need to check your test files on our side to see if we can reproduce this behavior and probably fix in the future.


How to submit a good bug report
FTP server for test scenes and user uploads:

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