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Banding on clouds


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I get some banding (near horizon) on clouds that I dont know how to fix. Its not the actual ground/horizon that shows through (I have mountains below the clouds but the banding is horizontal) its some graphical glitch. The cloud is a cumulus layer with very little parameters changed from the presets.

I'm running on a RTX 2080 with pretty old drivers, installing new maybe fixing it? Or is it a known cloud problem?

The banding shows up only when close to a cloud, further away it kind of dithers away.

Great clouds otherwise!



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No, it looks the same with any of the order options. Its present in all quality presets too.

If it is not a widespread/common problem my guess its specific to my computer/gfx card. Like a graphic driver issue.

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That also may be a limitation of raymarching that used for clouds lightning calculations (and kinda expected behavior for specific camera angles, cloud shape and graphics settings).

Try to set preset to Ultra or Extreme in Windows -> Settings -> Clouds -> Quality -> Preset. However, there is no guarantee that it will eliminate this effect completely.


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