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[SOLVED] Mask paint NodeClutter not work


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Hi to Everyone

I insert a NodeClutter in my scene, PIC 1, I add my node PIC 2,  and I cerate my Mask PIC 3, I can paint the mask ok PIC 4 (The worldClutter is outside oh Landscape terrain, and the paint mask work PIC 5, but when i Parent the clutter on Objectlandscape I can not paint more, and the brush disapear! why? pic 6, like the intersection paint not work! How can fix this?






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The problem persist with all clutter I use also the grass, if I disactivate the intersection the paint work, but If I activate intersection the paint not work!

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@prestino.davide What is your SDK version? Is it or 2.17? Could you please attach the log file "editor_log.txt" located in the "/bin" directory here?

This particular bug was specific to the initial 2.17 release and has been resolved in the following update. Please consider updating your project to the current SDK version.


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@bmyagkov Great now it works, thank you so much, I wanted to report another bug, when I drag nodes to the scene, group them and then want to create a Nodecluster from the hierarchy, this doesn't work.

Thanks for support.


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