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Portfolio of my UNIGINE Projects


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Hi All, 

I have recently been working on my 3D Environment Artist portfolio, as I wish to orientate my career from Architecture to an Environment Artist role.

I used UNIGINE for all of my realtime 3D work so naturally I thought this would be the place to share what I have done and if anyone might have any feedback, comments on my portfolio for a role in the Video Game Industry.

Link to my portfolio: www.artstation.com/ben_lucas3d

Here are some screenshots of my latest mini- real time environment I have been working on. I used this as a chance to practice creating and using trim sheets for the majority of larger assets and to practice prop modelling and high-poly sculpting in ZBrush. 


Some Alternative Lighting Set-ups




Thanks for reading this post - Be sure to let me know if you have any feedback / comments on my Portfolio


Many thanks, 



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Posted (edited)

I do think that you have a very good eye for a naturalistic style and creating interesting and moodful sceneries.

Interesting what you can do with the engine. It is very much what we also want to achive with our projects, so I appreciate that one is working in a very visual way utilizing the render capabilities of Unigine.

You content is fine and precise and you reach the point where realism melts with your unique style in creating these scene.
The lighting is very sublime and the usage of the surface qualities is fine balanced.
The landscape work and foliage is great, love the grasses.

Fantastic work imo.

All the best.

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Hi @werner.poetzelberger,

Thank you for your kind feedback - It's very much appreciated!


I hear the video game industry is a tough cookie to break into, fingers crossed I can have some luck!


Many thanks, 


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