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Grass Object does not adjust to detail Mask Material


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I generate a landscape and add a layer map.

Then I import height map and Albedo. On top of that map I have a grass object. That works fine.

When I start adding detail masks and material with displacement maps and I paint them in the editor, the Grass object does NOT adjust to these materials. So either grass is hovering or stuck in the terrain.

I have checked uncheck all the collsision checkerboxes, refreshed the object by placing them as child on differernt object in the hirarchy but it still does NOT adjust to the DETAIL Masks.

It does respect the Height map of the Layer itself, but NOT the Details!

It also respects the Height when I paint in the Height Channal of the Layer. But the Detail Materials do Influence the Height as Well when using Displacement. This causes the The Grass to disconnect.

Is this known issue or expected behavior?

I think I might be able to work around that by designing the displacements specifically....

Thanks. Werner

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