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MeteoChangedCallback never stops calling the callback


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Hi, we use this code to trigger a callback when the meteo is changed through CIGI:

    if (auto ig = IG::Manager::get()) {
        cbOnMeteoChanged =  ig->getMeteo()->addOnMeteoChangedCallback(MakeCallback(this, &MyComponent::on_meteo_changed));

But once triggered, the callback is always called, on every frame, even if the CIGI host stop sending data.

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@Amerio.Stephane We are pleased to inform you that we have successfully reproduced the issue and have already implemented a fix in our internal version. However, we regret to inform you that there is currently no workaround available to avoid this behavior.

We would appreciate it if you could clarify the severity of the problem for you at present. Would you prefer to wait for the next SDK update or do you require a patch to be issued?


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This is not critical at the moment, as the callback does really little work; but in the future this could become an issue. So no need for a hotfix at the moment, thanks.

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