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TAA flickering


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This is Unigine and I did noticed flickering of very small features when activating TAA in our codebase (staying on place, not moving). So also tested the default Unigine and a demo and the same flickering is present there (as seen in the video capture). Any setting (besides supersampling which we cannot afford) that I can test?

Is there a way I can control per pixel to what TAA is to be applied or not? For example, in our case, I would like to not apply TAA on emissive pixels.

Is TAA improved in the newer Unigine to combat this flicker?

Adrian L.

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There are several adjustments to the TAA settings you can play with.
Might be that you find a good solution/combination.

TAA on static images is difficult, we found out, so when you have a moving camera it is better.
As well TAA is not working so well on Terrain/flat geometry (again in our experience).

UNIGINE might jump in here with technical explanations.

A very dynamic scene needs always compromises, if you have just static scenes you surely should be able to tweak to your convinience.

Hope that helps a bit.

Best. Werner






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Hi Adrian,

there is no way to disable TAA for certain features like emission.
This flickering issue arises here is because of very limited resolution TAA has to deal with. It is by no stands the perfect cure.
What I'd suggest trying is:
- Enabling SRAA
- Use higher resolution (can be achieved with Supersampling)
Notice that this will affect performance noticeably.
Another solution is to try to thicken emissive pixels in order to keep them at least 1-4 alive at large distances. I am not exactly sure how this can be achieved, but billboards or some kind of custom implementation (to keep them relatively same pixel size at large distances) might be an option you could consider.

Regarding differences for TAA implementations between 2.13 and 2.16 there were some changes in 2.16, notebealy:
- Fixes to the ghosting issues with Fix Flicker enabled
- Added Edge Detection for better AA

I hope this will help.

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Hi Adrian,


in your version this happens because TAA shader does change the color of the previous old pixel by clamping it to the color of its neighbor pixels.

Because neighbor pixels are also jittered the color difference can be significant were colors change on edges.

This reduces ghosting in general but leads to very much flickering for thin meshes or polygon edges with different color.


We hope this will get better in future.

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