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Suggestion: Improvements for Cleaner tool


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The Cleaner tool in the editor is really helpful! But its GUI is rather lacking, not very easy to use. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Move Unused Assets, Lost Assets, Lost Runtimes each in its own tab, instead of a vertical layout (free some screen space!)
  • Add column filtering and sorting (!!!)
  • For Lost Assets, Asset file should be the primary column, Node Name secondary column.
  • Asset File should optionally show the full path
  • Lost Assets should show the type of asset (mesh, material, texture, etc...)

Thank you!

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Hi Stephane,

Thank you for your feedback. Can you please give us more details about filtering and sorting? What do you expect to see here?

Also it's not quite sure about usability of separate tabs of Unused / Lost Assets-Runtimes because sometimes it's better to see all the files in one big list due to the some non-obvious interconnections between each other.


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2 hours ago, silent said:

usability of separate tabs

My concern here is the visible amount of data is currently very limited, a few lines per subject at most (Unused/Lost/etc). Maybe you could have 3 dockables windows instead, so we could arrange them as we see fit (each with a refresh button).

Also, in our use cases, we found that we do the cleaning in this order:

  1. Remove all lost runtimes
  2. Repair asset files
  3. Eventually we'd like to remove some unused assets

 This order is exactly the opposite of the order which is presented in the current Cleaner tool. And we don't actually use one step in the other (but your mileage may vary :) )

For 2., it would be great to filter assets by extension or type ("let's work on fixing meshes first!"), then sort by folder ("let's first do all boats in platform/sea folder!")

For 3., it would be nice do the same thing ("let's see if any FBX in platform/land/trucks can be removed because we know they should all be used now")

For 3., it's not clear if the process is looking at the currently loaded world, or all worlds in the project (the latter would be the best!).

It would also be nice to have a way to list all worlds in the project in a window with their own path (and sorted by path)


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