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System vs World Logic


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Finally coming back to Unigine after a crazy period to continue development...

Going through the samples with the new stuff and noticed inside the ImGui C++ example, that only the system_logic is actually used.
I understand what the editor_logic is used for. But based on the descriptions in the docs - system_logic and world_logic are almost identical (with the exception of the lifetimes of the two. System throughout the life of the app, whereas world is created later). Is that the only differences between the two?

Is there a reason to put something in world logic over system logic? or can you just use system logic and not create/use a world logic?

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Hi Mark,

Basically, yes - lifetime is the only difference.

If you don't plan to load world and run any logic when the world is being loaded you can surely use only system logic for that :) But usually it's just used for some additional systems that must be saved between different worlds (and GUI looks like a perfect candidate for System Logic).


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