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WIP Kulun Temple Environment Demo


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Hi All,

After a solid 3-4 months of work, I am happy to share with everyone my progress on my latest project "Kulun Temple" - I made a new years resolution last year that I wanted to create a 'playable environment' which one could download and explore at their leisure. The scene itself is a demo environment inspired by Chinese religious architecture (I have been living in China for the past 6 years so naturally I am drawn to these sorts of themes). For now, I have created a short reveal trailer of my work, where once everything is finished I intend to release a free demo for people to have fun exploring.

I used Quadspinner Gaea to generate the terrain heightmaps and material masks. All building assets were designed and made by myself in 3DS Max, texturing was done using a combination of Substance Painter and using procedural techniques in UNIGINE. Small props and environment assets and textures are from Quixel Megascans and UNIGINE's scan and vegetation packs.

I have been optimizing for performance as I have been going along, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. It is currently running at 55-65 fps at 1440p, where my System Specifications: Ryzen 7 3700x Nvidia RTX 2080ti 32GB Ram.

As I mentioned, this is still a work in progress, I plan on adding lots of smaller details throughout the level, however I still need to design and model the temple interior spaces.

I am purely focused on the art side of things for now, so have no knowledge of coding or the know-how to add more interactivity to my level, where there are a few things which require coding knowledge which I'd love to learn for a future release of my project.

1. Adding a loading screen whilst the vegetation / textures / assets load at runtime 

2. Adding footstep sound effects which change depending on the surface they interact with e.g a crunch when walking through grass, hard echo on stone surfaces etc etc.

I dont expect anyone to give me the exact solution to the above, but a helpful signpost to some resources where I could learn from would be very much appreciated!

Link to my reveal trailer on YouTube: https://youtu.be/W8pMvdiCG4k

Below are a few screenshots from my reveal trailer of my work so far



Anyways, thanks for reading this post - as my project progresses into the Interior I will be sure to share my further progress.


Many thanks, 



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Hey Ben.

Looks really good! You have a very good sense and understanding of light and colors, which gives the scene a very fine realism.
I think its fantastic, what you do with Unigine and your talent. 
It is always about the content and the right decisions. I totally appreciate a unique style and the effort if someone creates the key elements personally, rather than clicking them together from a store.
Really enjoying to see that this is done with Unigine! Really enyoing the scene you are depicting.
Personally I know how hard it is to create with UNIGINE because you have a bare system and do need to fill it with details.

Amazing work.
All the best.

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Thank you! @binstream and thank you @werner.poetzelberger for the kind words! This project has been a lot of work for me so its very rewarding to hear some positive feedback. As I said this is still a work in progress but I am looking forward adding more details and show what we can achieve with UNIGINE. 

Many thanks, 


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Hi Ben,

Great work! Very inspiring and beautiful.

If you still need any help with additional programming (with footsteps and loading screen) please don't hesitate to create a 2 new theads in C# section and we would figure out how to do it.


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How to submit a good bug report
FTP server for test scenes and user uploads:

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Thanks @silent!

Yes I will be sure to create some threads in the C# section - I appreciate any help I can get 

Many thanks, 


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