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Windows 7/8.1 deprecation poll (Affecting UNIGINE SDK 2.17 and higher)


Windows 7 Deprecation   

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  1. 1. Does your product have to run on Windows 7?

    • No, we are targeting Windows 10 / 11 already.
    • Yes, but we can upgrade our target systems to Windows 10 / 11 in the nearest future (3-6 month).
    • Yes, this is must have for more than 6 months.
  2. 2. Is Windows 7 still actively used in your development process?

    • No, all the developers / artists are using Windows 10+ (or Linux).
    • Yes, we are developing on Windows 7 and/or using this PCs for testing.

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Dear customers!

Windows 7 extended support has ended this January (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/end-of-support) and we are thinking of dropping Windows 7/8.1 support as well for UNIGINE SDK. Current plan is to release UNIGINE 2.17 SDK without any extensive Windows 7 testing, which probably would mean that it may have some critical issues / crashes that will be not fixed for this operating system.

This will allow us in theory to switch faster to the modern graphics APIs and improve HiDPI support and overall speedup development of the new features due to less cluttered and legacy codebase.

We want to to know if you are still targeting your final apps for Windows 7 and what you think about it? Please participate in the current poll and lest us know your opinion.


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I was hoping to migrate my project from Unity to Unigine, but after I faced fundamental issues with DPI scaling, look and feel of the editor, outdated libraries, I was forced to say bye bye to Unigine for the time being. Nonetheless I will follow the progress.

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Well considering Vulkan support was supposed to be added to superposition after it's first release back in 2017, I've cast my vote that this should not change.

If & when a new benchmark tool arrives in the future, then windows 7 support can be dropped.

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If you want to compete with the best engines out there, you should already be working on "mesh shaders" and make editor more comfortable to work with.

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@nitrooo While I'm with you on the Editor to some extent, I rarely use it. And that's one of the things that makes Unigine "the best" IMHO. It may not be the best Game Engine out there, but it is unparalleled (ignoring a couple of DOD/Mil tools) when working at industrial scale. The biggest problem with Unigine is the "missing layers" (e.g., some game specific wrappers, etc.), but because it is so open it's not too hard to build many of these yourself.


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Thank you everyone for voting!

We decided to drop Windows 7/8.1 support with the upcoming 2.17 update. If you still need to run your project on outdated Windows version you can do it with previously released SDKs (2.16.x / 2.15.x and so on).

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