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Ambient Occlusion visible through Decals


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Hey there,


 I am working on a scene right now and wanted to place a few Manholes with decals and noticed that the Ambient Occulsion from the texture below the decal is still visible.


With Ambient Occlusion:


Without Ambient Occlusion



I tried changing blending modes, rendering order, mask settings, visibility settings an so on and couldnt find a way to fix the problem except for turning of the AO texture in the Pavement Material.

Is this a bug or is there a option that I am missing?

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@tommate We can confirm such an issue are exist at the moment and this not a bug actually but lack of AO support for projected decals. I will add this report on our internal tracker as "feature request".

Also, we have tried to find solution to get around this but the only way out now is not to use baked AO for mentioned ground.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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3 minutes ago, tommate said:

I just noticed that the same problem seems to happen with the normal map too.

Despite the fact that the behavior looks similar, it is not the same. You can override normal map using material graph on decals, but this trick will not work with AO :)


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I have to .... ;)

Making it look more realistic, you should think of integrating it into the stone ground, as the stones would be cut out. Otherwise, visually it sits always on top, very unnaturalisticly ;)
Best. Werner


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