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parameter mean in ig_config


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it`s about <variables> block in ig_config.xml

for example 

		<group name="CIGIConnector">
			<item name="host" type="string"></item>
			<item name="packet_size" type="int">1432</item>
			<item name="recv_port" type="int">8888</item>
			<item name="send_port" type="int">8889</item>
			<item name="version" type="string">3.3</item>

you can get/set any variable from config

host = ig_manager->getConfig()->getValue("CIGIConnector.host", ""); // getting value

ig_manager->getConfig()->setValue("CIGIConnector.host", ""); // set value
ig_manager->getConfig()->setValue("MyKind.my_variable", 123.456); // set custom value
ig_manager->getConfig()->save(); //save config


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